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The Builder Resources page is a “One Stop Shop” for nearly everything in the Lear45 home built cockpit project including all the backlit control panels!  Here at Hangar45, we are in the process of releasing the most sought after information regarding the Lear45. Over the next few months, all the tabs on this page will be populated with files and information pertaining to that particular part or panel!  NOT FOR REAL WORLD AVIATION!
Why release this information you might ask?  We want to give our Hangar45 members the choice to either purchase the parts and panels from the HANGAR PRODUCTS page or enjoy the experience of building their own parts and panels with complete confidence.  Once all the tabs on this page are fully populated with files and information, the Lear45 project will be like no other flightsim platform!  If you have any request for information that has not yet been uploaded, feel free to contact us.
NOTE:  The information in these tabs is just one way to go about making the parts and panels within.  You can either follow this path or use these drawings as a template to make your own version.  Just be mindful that if you change the scale or mounting placements, it will effect how panels purchased will fit.  Feel free to use these drawings and files as you see fit for your own personal use.  DO NOT USE THESE FILES FOR THE PURPOSE OF COMMERCIAL USE! 


What will you need to build your own Lear45 project?  Believe it or not, with the exception of a CNC machine and access to a laser engraver, only common workshop tools are needed for 99% of the work.  If building the panels and parts are not for you, everything listed on this page is available on the HANGAR PRODUCTS page.


There are a few items that may help if you know:
  1.  The DXF files were created in Autosketch9 
  2.  The CAM files were created in Artcam2008
  3.  The CDR files were created in CorelDRAW X4
  4.  The .TAP G-code is available in mm and Inch
  5.  Make sure you install the Futura Font family!
  6.  All SMD resistors and LEDs are size 1206
Each of the Resource Tabs below has a compressed WinZip file in them that contains the DXF, CAM, CDR, G-code and other information needed to build that particular part or panel.  Once the WinZip file has been uploaded, no new files will be added to them unless noted in the description of the part or panel.   Registration and login is required to access these files!




Project45 Audio Control Panels

Audio Control Panels v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Airshow Panel

Airshow Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 APU Panel

APU Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Circuit Breaker Panels

Circuit Breaker Panels v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Display Units

Display Units v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 EFIS Display Control Panels

EFIS Display Control Panels v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Electrical Control Panel

Electrical Control Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 ELT Panel

ELT Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Engine Control Panel

Engine Control Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Environmental Control Panel

Environmental Control Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Flight Guidance Control Panel

Flight Guidance Control Panel v2.0

The FGC panel is one of the most complicated panels in the Lear45 mostly due to the multi-function button switches.  Twelve of the fourteen button switches have a green indicator light built into them in addition to the back lighting for the button cap legends.  Although not the perfect solution, the rectangular “Mountain switch” is as close as we are going to find.

With that said, the Mountain Switches have become obsolete and are getting harder and harder to find.  Check out this thread in our forum for more information and availability on these hard to find switches HERE

To learn more about the FGC panel, you can  read about it HERE

Project45 Gear / Hydraulic Panel

Gear / Hydraulic Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 HF Radio Panel

HF Radio Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Left Crew Panel

Left Crew Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Pitch Trim Panel

Pitch Trim Panel v2.0

The Pitch Trim panel is a must have panel in your sim if you are looking to replicate your trim system to as close to the real thing as possible.  Within the DXF drawing, there is a wiring diagram that illustrates at least one way to wire up your hardware on the Pitch Trim panel to your interface cards and relays.

Additionally, there are two different types of backer panels to accept two different types of trim switches.  The real trim switch is over $100 which is why we have given builders a more affordable option:

  1. Mason 309-4301 Trim Switch
  2. Project45 Replica Trim Switch

Project45 Pressurization Panel

Pressurization Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Reversion Panels

Reversion Panels v2.0

The reversion Panels, also known as the Master Caution Panels, are some of the smallest backlit panels in the LJ45 sim.  These are a good place to start with learning how to build your panels because if, (realistically when), you make a mistake or two, they will be small and the amount of time and material lost will be minimal.

The Reversion Panel drawings and files include the sub panel parts needed to assemble the multi-function rotary switch with a push button option,(EICAS REV PUSH) which is a programmable feature within Jet45 AAS.


Project45 SELCAL Panel

SELCAL Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 System Test Panel

System Test Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Throttle Quadrant Light Plate

Throttle Quadrant Light Plate v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 WX Radar Panel

WX Radar Panel v2.0 coming soon!



Get a licensed version of the Jet45 Advanced Avionics Suite and the UNS-1 FMS Simulation software at Flightdecksoft today!




Project45 Angle of Attack Gauges

Angle of Attack Gauges v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Clearance Delivery Radio Panel

Clearance Delivery Radio Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 CDU Functional Backer

Control Display Unit Functional Backer v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Crew Warning Panel

Crew Warning Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Radio Management Units

Radio Management Units v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Standby Compass Gauge

Standby Compass Gauge v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Standby Altitude Gauge

Standby Altitude Gauge v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Standby Airspeed Gauge

Standby Airspeed Gauge v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Standby HSI Gauge

Standby HSI Gauge v2.0 coming soon!





Project45 L45 Cockpit Shell Kit

L45 Cockpit Shell Kit

The L45 shell plans are not available in digital format.  You can however purchase the full scale paper copy version which includes drawings of all the major components of the shell and interior furniture parts. 

Take a look at the Shall Assembly Manual (SAM) HERE

For more information on obtaining a set of L45 shell paper plans, click HERE

Project45 Aluminum MIP / Glareshield

Aluminum MIP / Glareshield v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 MIP Backer / Tower

MIP Backer / Tower v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Center Pedestal

Center Pedestal v2.0

The Project45 Center Pedestal is designed using .5″ Birch wood so that no special tools are needed other than wood working.  (The Center Pedestal full scale profile template is included with the L45 Shell Paper Plans.)


The Center Pedestal in the real Lear45 is built using .0625″ thick aircraft grade aluminum.  DO NOT USE ANY MATERIAL THICKER THAN .5″!  At a half inch thick, most all of the switch hardware fits within the panel openings.  Any thicker and the switch hardware will not fit.


The Center Pedestal should be glued and assembled using a finishing nail gun.  Round off the rear vertical edges to replicate the aluminum 90 degree bend.  After a few coats of primer and sanding, the finish looks as smooth as a metal finish!



Project45 Throttle Quadrant Pedestal

Throttle Quadrant Pedestal v2.0

The Project45 TQ Pedestal is designed using .5″ Birch wood so that no special tools are needed other than wood working.  (The TQ Pedestal full scale profile template is included with the L45 Shell Paper Plans.)


The DXF file also includes the TQ side access covers which are made of .0625″ thick aluminum.  These pieces can either be cut by hand or preferably if you have access to a CNC waterjet.


Additionally, the TQ Pedestal drawing includes the Free fall landing gear cut outs, the exact placement of the column crossover and the rudder pedal crossover.  The TQ Pedestal should be glued and assembled using a finishing nail gun.


Project45 Throttle Quadrant Module

Throttle Quadrant Module v2.0 coming soon!

To learn more about the TQ Module, take a look at the Project45 TQ Module forum thread by clicking HERE

Project45 Lower Column Crossover

Lower Column Crossover v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Column Heads

Column Heads v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Dual Rudder Pedal System

Dual Rudder Pedal System v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Crew Seats

Crew Seats v2.0 coming soon!





Project45 AML LED Mods

AML LED Mods v2.0

The AML LED Mods are the perfect solution to the AML21 switches with incandescent bulb sockets!  There are seventy AML21 switches in the LJ45 sim and ALL of them require at least one 3mm LED light inside it.  This AML LED Mod solution solves that problem by soldering the two legs of the LED to the AML LED Mod.  Then it simply plugs into the incandescent bulb socket!

Additionally, there are several AML21 switches that require two 3mm LED lights.  Packing two LEDs into a space designed for only one bulb is a little tricky but it has been resolved as well.  The solution is to solder the two positive legs onto the AML LED Mod and then group the two ground legs.  A carefully drilled hole through the bottom of the AML21 switch is needed for the grouped ground.  You can read the tutorial HERE


Project45 Davtron Clock Covers

Davtron Clock Covers v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Dzus Fastener Replicas

Dzus Fastener Replicas v2.0

The Dzus Fastener Replicas are a great solution if you are looking for the real look without the real locking mechanism.  In our case, most of the panels that use real Dzus fasteners are on the TQ Pedestal and the Center Pedestal.  In these areas we are using .5″ Birch wood and there is no room for Dzus rails to be installed.

The files within the folder below are to make a single Dzus replica, a pack of three or a pack of six Dzus replicas.  Our LJ45 sim projects require a total of 60 Dzus Replicas.  After the Dzus Replicas are cut, you will need to shape the top edges with a Dremel tool to give them their curved edge look.


Project45 Hobbs Panel

Hobbs Panel v2.0

The Hobbs Panel is a very simple panel to cut making it another great place to start if you are looking to cut all of your own panels using these files.  It is basically just a single backer that the Hobbs hour meter mounts into.

As for the Hobbs hour meter itself, there are several different variations of them out there.  Unless you are doing something different than the rest of us, you will want the 12 volt version.  AT Air-Tech Inc. has a good example of one for an affordable price at $32.00 HERE

Using a FDS Relay Card and the “Weight on Wheels” FSUIPC offset, this is a very easy meter to get working in our sims to keep track of overall flight time.  As soon as the aircraft leaves the ground, you can immediately hear the Hobbs meter clicking away!  Or, you can configure it to record engine time if you want.


Project45 Landing Gear Knob

Landing Gear Knob v2.0 Coming soon!

Project45 Gear Free Fall Handle

Gear Free Fall Handle v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 GPWS Mounting Plates

GPWS Mounting Plates v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Turn Coordinators

Turn Coordinators v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Call Sign Plates

Call Sign Plates v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 QRH Aluminum Pocket Tray

QRH Aluminum Pocket Tray v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Phone Pocket Panel

Phone Pocket Panel v2.0 coming soon!

Project45 Sun Visor and Rail System

Sun Visor and Rail System v2.0 coming soon!



Your donation to help support the release of these files is very much appreciated!

WARNING:  The information found on this website is only suitable for Hobby Flight Simulation and flight simulator enthusiast!  In most cases the information found here is outdated and SHALL NOT be used for Real World Aviation or real world references!