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GPWS Mounting Plates by Project45

(Original thread started on 07-14-09 by Ron Rollo)

With all the excitement about the big fancy panels on the front side of the MIP, the GPWS Backer Panels have been neglected. Funny thing is, they should be one of the first panels built because of how they have to be installed, unless you want to pull your MIP back out!


The basic idea is that we want to paste the panels on the back side of the MIP. I used Silicone adhesive which takes 30 minutes to set and 24 hours to cure:

Ron 1099


The big key is to "Honeycomb" the front side of the panel, the part that is going to be glued to the back side of the MIP. I used my CNC to go back and forth and up and down.  Spread the Silicone all over the panels and expect it to be a tad messy:

Ron 1100


Make sure that your AML21 cutouts line up perfectly with the cutouts in the aluminum MIP.  Let the panels set for at least 30 minutes before trying to move them around:

Ron 1101


After about an hour or so, I could not help myself, I had to snap a switch in it to see what it looked like. By the way, this switch is a single pole AML21 that I converted into a Double pole. As a matter of fact, because this AML21 is only going to be an indicator light that is up in your face if the GPWS fails or is being tested, both poles can be removed and used on other switches where double pole hardware logic is going to be needed:

Ron 1102


At last, the final product! Two beautiful indicator lights that hopefully we will never see!

Ron 1103


By the way, although we will never push on these to turn anything on or off, if someone were to, they aren't going anywhere.


UPDATE: While taken care of an order for Jeff, I updated the GPWS drawing for the GPWS backer.  There are two sets here. I wanted you to see the back side that gets pasted to the back side of the aluminum MIP:

Ron 1104


The GPWS backer setting in place but not pasted:

Ron 1105


What your GPWS AML looks like in place. This is an indicator light only so you do not need to push it:

Ron 1106


Dark cockpit. My GPWS indicator lights flash slowly on and off when they are activated. I had to take the photo a few times to actually get it ON in the photo:

Ron 1107


These little guys get neglected and forgotten. Don't forget about your GPWS indicators! If you need a set of these backers, just send me an email. $25 for a set of two.