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QRH Tray Discussion

The QRH Tray (Quick Reference Handbook) can bee found at the end of the Center Pedestal.  See this straight down photo of what looks like two pockets mounted stacked on top of each other:


Several years ago I developed a single slot QRH Tray that mounts to the rear of the Center Pedestal:

Ron 1290


It's made of aircraft grade aluminum (from Lowes ) and bent on a light weight hand brake.  If you take a look at your arsenal of Lear45 cockpit photos, there are several different things that you can add to the rear of your Center Pedestal.  Here it is installed on the end of the Center Pedestal with one of my Quick Reference Handbooks inside it:

If you would like to make your own QRH Tray, you can find a DXF file in the Builders Resources page.