Hangar45 is proud to introduce the Project45 production line of integrated backlit panels!  All the panels, parts and kits listed below are specifically designed to be used in a Lear45 home built flight simulator.  Additionally, several items are available from Alpha Juliet Simulations.  If you are interested in any of these products or would like more information, please email Ron Rollo at or Shane Barnes at



Project45 Audio Control Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Airshow Panel

Airshow Panel

Airshow Panel

Airshow Panel

The Airshow Panel is a great addition to help bring enhanced immersion to the Lear45 cockpit, although strictly “Eye Candy” it does have some functionality!


The Airshow panel has a functional dummy display window that can be programmed via InterfaceIT to select three different settings:

  • A blank display


For more detailed information on the Airshow Panel, click HERE

List Price: $145

Project45 APU Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Circuit Breaker Panels

Coming soon!

Project45 Display Units

Coming soon!

Project45 EFIS Display Control Panels

Coming soon!

Project45 Electrical Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 ELT Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Engine Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Environmental Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Flight Guidance Control Panel

Flight Guidance Controller

Flight Guidance Controller FGC Panel

The Project45 Flight Guidance Control Panel is one of the most important and complex panels in the Lear45 project!  The front panel is backlit as well as the button selectors.  Featured items include:

  • Integrated Backlit front panel
  • 12 volt power via SMD resistors
  • Metal shaft encoders with positive detents
  • Laser engraved front panel and buttons
  • Green indicator lights and transfer arrows
  • Custom knobs with laser engraved symbols
  • FGC sub module powered by Arduino Mega


NOTE:  The FGC Sub Module has been developed and is available to be used with an Arduino Mega Interface card and a LED PWM card.  This Sub module helps with wire management and is designed to work with the Jet45 AAS software FGC module.  The FGC Sub Module is sold separately for $95.  


To learn more about the FGC panel, you can  read about it HERE

Price: $975 (FGC Sub Module not included)

Project45 Gear / Hydraulic Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 HF Radio Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Left Crew Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Pitch Trim Panel

Pitch Trim Panel

Pitch Trim PanelPitch Trim Panel

The Project45 Pitch Trim Panel is LED backlit and is available in two different versions depending on which trim switch you want to use:

Option “A” uses a Mason 309-4301 SW which is the real pitch trim switch found in the Lear45.  (See top backer in second photo)

Option “B” is designed to take the Project45 replica pitch trim switch, add $20  (See bottom backer in second photo)

Both version include the rudder trim selector knob!  For inquiries on all switch hardware included ask for a price quote.  For more information click HERE


Listed Price: $175

Project45 Pressurization Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Reversion Panels

Reversion PanelsReversion Panels

Reversion Panels

The Reversion Panels are 12 volt LED backlit and include the combination rotary selector with push button switch assembly already mounted to the backer panels.  This set includes both the CPT side and FO side Reversion Panels.


The front light plates where the rotary selector shaft comes through has been opened up so that maximum light can pass through and into the backlit selectlor knobs!  The AML21 switches and the rotary selector knobs are not included in this package.


Listed Price: $145

Project45 SELCAL Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 System Test Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Throttle Quadrant Light Plate

Coming soon!

Project45 WX Radar Panel

Coming soon!


Get a licensed version of the Jet45 Advanced Avionics Suite and the UNS-1 FMS Simulation software at Flightdecksoft today!




Project45 Angle of Attack Gauges

Coming soon!

Project45 Clearance Delivery Radio Panel

Coming soon!

Alpha Juliet Control Display Units


UNS-1 Control Display Units

These are real front panels of Universal UNS-1 CDU’s that have been disassembled, button faces cleaned, metal face plate sandblasted, repainted and completely inspected.  All the switches are checked for functionality, back lighting checked, glass lens cleaned and reinstalled.


The units have been assembled using the Project45 Functional Backer that allows the included Arduino Nano Interface card and LCD screen to be mounted to the rear of the CDU.  All you will need to add is a 12v power supply for the LCD, a 5v power supply for back lighting, a VGA cable, a USB cable and Flightdecksoft UNS-1 CDU software.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more, check out the CDU thread in the forum HERE


Contact Shane Barnes at for pricing and availability!

Project45 CDU Functional Backer

Coming soon!

Project45 Crew Warning Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Radio Management Units

Coming soon!

Project45 Standby Compass Gauge

Coming soon!

Project45 Standby Altitude Gauge

Coming soon!

Project45 Standby Airspeed Gauge

Coming soon!

Project45 Standby HSI Gauge

Coming soon!

Sim Ready M850 Chronometers

ChronometersChronometerSim Ready M850 Chronometers

This is an authentic set of Davtron M850 Chronometers that have been made flight simulator ready!   Just mount them to your MIP and use the Project45 chronometer wiring diagram to complete the install.

The value with this package is that it includes the SonAlert M800 alarms and resistors to convert the back lighting for use with a 12 volt system.  The M850 pin plug has been made to specifically work with your flight simulator and includes the ability to utilized elapsed flight time mode.

For more information on chronometers and how to wire them into your simulator, click HERE

List Price: $1,245 (Set of two)

Chronometer Replica Plates

Chronometer Plate

Chronometer PlateChronometer Replica Plates

Have a pair of working M850 chronometers but the face plates are the wrong color?  Designed in mind to replace black, discolored or damaged face plates for authentic Davtron M850 Chronometers, these replica plates will refurbish your chronometers to near mint condition!

The plates are made with .125″ thick clear cast plastic and the artwork was created using dry transfers.  All holes have been countersunk for 2-56 and 4-40 screws.

For more information on the chronometers and how to wire them into your simulator, click HERE


List Price: $55 (Set of two)





Project45 L45 Cockpit Shell Kit

L45 Cockpit Shell Kit


The Project45 shell kit is the heart and sole of the L45 project!  This kit includes everything you need to get through the first five stages of the build. (Paint and caulk not included)


Take a few minutes to look over the Shell Assembly Manual (SAM) for a complete list of parts and step by step instructions on how to finish the shell HERE.  You will find over 120 pages of instructions and illustrations in the SAM.


The L45 Shell kit will arrive in a seven inch tall crate and weighs 312lbs.  For this reason, if you live outside of the Continental United States, you might consider the L45 Shell Paper plans.


List Price: $1,545 (Shipping not included)

Project45 L45 Shell Paper Plans

L45 Shell Paper Plans

The Project45 shell plans were developed for the guys overseas or for the fellas that really enjoy wood crafts.  The plans are traced directly from the jigs that are used to create the shell kits and also include all of the internal templates to complete the “furniture” elements of the build. 


Take a few minutes to look over the Shell Assembly Manual (SAM) for a complete list of parts and step by step instructions on how to finish the shell HERE.  You will find over 120 pages of instructions and illustrations in the SAM to help you finish it with a fiberglass skin and Lexan windscreens!


List Price: $295  (Shipping included!)

Project45 Aluminum Parts Set

Coming soon!

Project45 Interior Furniture Stage 1

Coming soon!

Project45 Interior Furniture Stage 2

Coming soon!

Project45 Throttle Quadrant Module


Lear45 Throttle

Lear45 Throttle

Lear45 Throttle

Lear45 Throttle

Throttle Quadrant Module

The Project45 Throttle Quadrant Module replica is as close as you will find to the real thing!  This TQ Module has many working features and is a must have if you are serious about building a Lear45 simulator!


This throttle quadrant module is 100% made from scratch and contains no real aviation parts!  Most of the parts were made with a CNC machine.  The throttle knobs and the Spoiler knob have been laser engraved.  Dry transfers were used on the Parking Brake handle.


On the bottom side of the throttle module is a wire management board that helps keep the wiring coming out of the TQ module neat and routed to appropriate interface cards.


Highlighted features:

  • Dual Throttle full range and  APR detents
  • Dual Fuel cutoff switches
  • Flaps lever with locking percent gates
  • Spoilers lever with position gates
  • Reverse Thrust levers and switches
  • Locking Parking Brake (turn left or right)
  • Mute and GO-AROUND switches
  • Throttle lever dust cover sliders


To learn more about the TQ Module, take a look at the Project45 TQ Module forum HERE

List Price: $1,345

Alpha Juliet Parking Brake Assembly

Parking Brake Assembly

The parking brake assembly by Alpha Juliet is designed to work with the Project45 Throttle Quadrant Module if you are looking to build one on your own.  Otherwise, they are included with the Project45 TQ Module.


The main structure of the parking brake assemblies are made of 100% steel and will never fail no matter how hard you pull on them.  They are designed to pull and lock either to the left or to the right the same way the real ones do!


All parking brake assemblies will come with the EMERGENCY / PARKING BRAKE Dry Transfer decals installed with a clear coat finish to protect the lettering.  A micro switch is also included to detect the position of the brake so that it can be easily interfaced within FSUIPC.


List Price: $175

Alpha Juliet Elevator Disconnect Box

Elevator Disconnect Box

The Elevator Disconnect Box by Alpha Juliet mounts to the port side of the TQ pedestal.  The handle can be pulled but is non functional as far as mechanically separating the left and right elevator on the lower column system.


However, this assembly does have a “pulling” action to mimic separating the left and right elevators.  The elevator disconnect handle is also equipped with a micro switch for possible future modeling in the EICAS message system via Flightdecksoft.


All Elevator Disconnect handles will come with the ELEV DISC Dry Transfer decals installed with a clear coat finish to protect the lettering.


List Price: $195

Project45 Lower Column Crossover Kit

Coming soon!

Project45 Lower Column Crossover

Coming soon!

Project45 Finished Column Set

Coming soon!

Project45 Column Head Set

Coming soon!

Project45 Dual Rudder Pedal System

Coming soon!

Project45 Crew Seat Kit

Coming soon!





Project45 AML Lens and Frame Kits

Lear45 switch

Lear45 switchAML Lens and Frame Kit

This kit consist of all the lenses and frames for every Chromalux 389 replica switch in the Lear45 flight deck!  All these pieces and laser engraved and cut to perfection.


Additionally, the  dual frame pieces and light dividers needed to make the switches with dual LED configuration are included.  The AML51-A10W (TALL) caps and the AML51-C10W (short) caps are not included. 


For more information on the AML Lens and Frame kits click HERE and HERE


List Price: $75

Project45 AML LED MOD Kits



This set of 70 AML LED MODs is another must have in your Lear45 project!  These  pieces are made from .035″ to .045″ single sided copper clad and are designed to plug into the incandescent socket within the AML21 switch. 


By soldering the legs of a 3mm flat head LED to the top of these MODs, we can effectively replace the warmer incandescent bulbs with a cooler LED that uses much less energy!


They can handle both single LED and dual LED configurations, see this thread for more information HERE

List Price: $55

Project45 Dzus Fastener Replica Kit

Dzus Fastener

Dzus FastenerDzus Fastener Replica Kit

The Dzus Fastener Replica Kit includes 70 pieces (6-32) to cover all the Dzus attachment points in the Lear45 cockpit.  The kit is designed to replicate the look of the real Dzus fastener but not the locking action.


Each Dzus replica will need to be finished using a Dremel tool by mounting the Dzus replica to the spindle and spinning it while shaping the head with a file, giving it a rounded off edge and of course painted with Model Masters Gunship Gray.  The second photo shows several Dzus Fastener Replicas holding a few panels in place!


List Price: $55

Project45 Hobbs Panel

Hobbs PanelHobbs Panel

This panel mounts on the center pedestal and holds the Hobbs Hour Meter in place.  (Hobbs Meter not included but can be upon request)

When shopping for a Hobbs Meter, make sure the operating voltage is 12 volts unless you are doing something different.

List Price: $10

Project45 Landing Gear Knob

Landing Gear Knob

Landing Gear KnobLanding Gear Knob

The landing gear knob is made of solid Nylon and has been shaped using a Lathe and a CNC machines.  Each knob has been finely sanded and 99% of all tooling marks have been removed.


The attachment hole has been tapped with a Honeywell TL series 1TL1-2D locking toggle threaded end.  Note that the  round cap has been removed from the toggle switch.  Additionally, a dummy tap screw has been installed to replicate the real knob found in the Lear45.  (Toggle switch not included but can be upon request)


List Price: $25

Project45 Gear Free Fall Kit

Coming soon!

Project45 GPWS Mounting Plates


GPWSGPWS Mounting Plates

The GPWS Mounting Plates are designed to hold the single AML21 indicator switch in place from behind the MIP.  They are designed to fit around the tight confines of the Display Units, the Davtron Clocks and the outside edge of the MIP.


The side of the mounting plates facing the MIP are notched and are attached to the backside of the MIP using a thick adhesive, as an example Liquid Nail, effectively making the mounting plates part of the MIP!  For more information on the GPWS Mounting Plates, click HERE


List Price: $25

Project45 Angle of Attack Covers

AOA CoversAngle of Attack Covers

Use these AoA Covers to hold the spaces for your future AoA gauges!

Each blank plate has holes to accept a 8-24 and a 10-24 screw so that it can be used with a two inch gauge clamp.  Having the 2″ gauge clamp already in place makes upgrading to AoA gauges easy!  You can find more information on the AoA gauges HERE

List Price: $10

Project45 Chronometer Covers

Clock CoversChronometer Covers

Use these Chronometer Covers to hold the spaces for your real Davtron Chronometers or add your own clocks to these plates!

Each blank plate has four counter sunk holes to accept 4-40 screws just like the real Davtron M850 Chronometers.  If you ever upgrade to the M850, it will be an easy transition!  Find more information on the Davtron Chronometers for sim use HERE

List Price: $15

Project45 Turn Coordinators

Coming soon!

Project45 Call Sign Plates

Coming soon!

Project45 QRH Aluminum Pocket Tray

Coming soon!

Project45 Phone Pocket Panel

Coming soon!

Project45 Sun Visor and Rail System

Coming soon!



Products will be added as they become available!




WARNING:  The information found on this website is only suitable for Hobby Flight Simulation and flight simulator enthusiast!  In most cases the information found here is outdated and SHALL NOT be used for Real World Aviation or real world references!