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Landing Gear Knob discussion

(Original thread started on 01-15-10 by Ron Rollo)

The landing gear knob and handle is one of the simplest things to replicate in the Learjet45.  In other aircraft, the landing gear knob/handle is attached to a mechanical arm with positive locks and in some cases even a gate.  In our case, it is just a locking two position 1TL1-2D OFF-ON Honeywell toggle switch.  See photo:

Ron 998

For for information on the toggle switch click HERE


I have been busy working on the tools to complete the last inside cuts on the Landing Gear knobs for us. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Ron 999


Ron 1000


They are $25 each and are unpainted and without the hole tapped into it unless you are planning on using the Honeywell toggle switch, 1TL1-2D OFF-ON. Then I can do that for you if you would like. You may also have to do some light sanding prior to painting.


I have six Landing Gear knobs ready to go and 6 more will be ready next week!


While doing some other unrelated research, I found this picture that Scott took a few months back during his field trip into a L45 cockpit.


It's a close up of a REAL landing gear knob and the paint job someone put on it.


Replicate that!

Ron 1001


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 09-20-10)

When I got mine it was already drilled and threaded for the Honeywell toggle as I already had the switch so Ron went ahead and drilled and tapped for it. All you should need to do is drill and tap the hole into the knob and the knob will screw down onto the toggle. Ron did drill a second hole for a "dummy set screw" just to make it look like the real thing but the set screw does not do anything. Your not missing anything just need to take the cap off that toggle . . It was on there good! Once you remove it you should be good to go . . well after you drill and tap the knob.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 09-20-11)

Shane took all the words right off the tips of my fingers. All what Shane said.  I will be tapping most of the next batch of knobs assuming that most of us will be using the real toggle switch.


I have to share this knob story:  The last knob of batch #1 was sent off to our late buddy Kris Stow back in January 2011 when I sent him his massive package including the shell, MIP, Glare shield, Etc. About two weeks later he calls me up and says. "Hey bud! Can ya send me another landing gear knob?" I said why? And he says, "My dog used it as a chew toy!"


The landing gear knobs are ready. Some of you have already placed an order and they will be shipping out tomorrow as soon as we get past this U.S. Government Holiday.


I still have over 50 of them left!

Ron 1002

$27 a piece or two for $50!   Worldwide shipping included.


You will need a Honeywell toggle switch, 1TL1-2D OFF-ON which is a double lock. In other words, you have to pull it up and over a gate to get to either the ON position or the OFF position. They sell for around $31 at Mouser.


NOTE: You will have to remove the cap on the toggle to reveal the threads. The landing gear knob is designed to "self tap" onto the threaded shaft of the toggle switch.

can I still buy these landing gear  knobs, and if so how do I go about it?



Ron Rollo offers these. He will get in touch with you as soon as he logs into the Hangar.  He normally checks it daily.

You can also reach him thru his website

Hi there!

Yes, I have plenty of these landing gear knobs.  You can reach me at and we can set something up.

Are you looking to build a Lear45 simulator?


Hi Ron,

just tracking down a few parts for a coworker. Not a builder myself. What is my cost for the knob with the predrilled hole for the Honeywell switch, shipped to Pgh, Pa,  15205?

The cost would be $25 shipping included.  You can contact me at my email address to get shipping address and set up payment.