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WX Radar Panel Discussion

(Original thread started on 03-13-15 by Ron Rollo)

Eric and I are joining up to take on yet another panel, the weather radar panel on the center pedestal. It will be similar in design as the EFIS panels therefore, it will be similar in price. These prices listed below are preliminary but will at least give you an idea of what they will cost you.


The pricing for the WX Radar panel is as follows:

WX Radar Panel Kit $275: This will include Eric's front panel ($150) and all the hardware for the backer panel including the buttons and knobs which will be supplied by myself ($125).


WX Radar Panel Head Start $325: This package will include Eric's completed front panel ($150) and the backer panel assembled and all components soldered by myself, ($175). There will be no wires soldered to the backer panel.


WX Radar Panel Plug and Play $425: This package will include Eric's front panel ($150) and everything listed above plus the wires soldered to the WX Radar backer. All the wiring harnesses needed to make the WX Radar panel plug and play will be included by myself, ($275).


The WX Radar panel can be wired to your InterfaceIT card for future use. If you would like to get on the build list, please email myself, Eric or post in this thread.


Photo of the backer panel with hardware supplied by Project45:

Ron 965


We will be offering three different packages depending on what suites your needs and budget.


As far as the price points go, that is why I offer a DIYS option in an effort to keep the cost as low as possible while still making it worth while to make. Although these panels are production, they are still very much an individual craft where every piece has to be held, worked, sanded, painted, engraved and then fitted together.


Another point to the pricing is that the plug and play version that I offer includes the wiring harnesses that plugs directly into your SYS boards which is hand braided among other things. Vince never offered that. 80% of what your paying for with at least my portion of any of these panels or products is time. It takes a lot of time.


In any case, Eric and I are trying to fill in the gaps and help everyone get their projects closer to completion. I wish things could move along a little faster for all of us. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel though! I have a little over three years left with the sheriff's office before I can dedicate at least 40 hours more a week to the hobby and helping to make parts and panels for everyone. I'm looking forward to that!


(Posted by Terry Collins on 03-20-15)

I'm just grateful you are producing this panel Ron. I'm sure there's a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into developing these panels. Put me down for the head start panel for now, might upgrade depending on what happens to the Aussie dollar!


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 05-20-15)

First off, let me tell you that under each button face you will find a switch, two LEDs and two resistors. Two LEDs were necessary in order to get better light spread up to the button face:

Ron 966


In this photo you can see what I call the "lamp Shade". The lamp shade traps the LED lighting and directs it up into the button bodies. It also helps reduce the amount of light bleed around the buttons:

Ron 967


Another photo of the main body of the WX Radar panel:

Ron 968


Last but not least a straight on shot of the buttons showing very little light bleed around the button bodies. Keep in mind that this panel is still waiting for Eric's front back lit panel which will also help reduce any if not all light bleed:

Ron 965


I will be working on the knobs next week.



Here is a little update of the WX Radar panels:

Ron 969


They are practically finished. I just need to cut out some knobs to finish them off. Eric is still working on the front panel for these and should be completed within a few weeks. The front panels will simply slide onto this panel and get fastened by small screws from the back side . Notice the cutout for the back lighting wires to pass through?


For those of you who ordered the kit packages, I gave you a bit of a bonus. I upgraded them to the Head Start package for you at the kit price!


And we have knobs!

Ron 970


The tolerance on the knobs are near perfect, meaning that they fit onto the shaft and a set screw is not needed to keep them from slipping. If you want, you can always add a set screw for that extra detail.