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Hobbs Meter Discussion

The Hobbs Panel is a very simple panel to cut making it another great place to start if you are looking to cut all of your own panels using these files.  It is basically just a single backer that the Hobbs hour meter mounts into.

Here is a great photo of the Hobbs Meter Panel installed on the Center Pedestal:

As for the Hobbs hour meter itself, there are several different variations of them out there.  Unless you are doing something different than the rest of us, you will want the 12 volt version.  AT Air-Tech Inc. has a good example of one for an affordable price at $32.00 HERE

Using a FDS Relay Card and the "Weight on Wheels" FSUIPC offset, this is a very easy meter to get working in our sims to keep track of overall flight time.  As soon as the aircraft leaves the ground, you can immediately hear the Hobbs meter clicking away!  Or, you can configure it to record engine time if you want.

If you would like to make your own Hobbs Panel, go to the Builders Resources page.