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WANTED! Hard to find Hardware!

(Original thread started on 01-05-17 by Ron Rollo)

Hey guys, I have been busy building some panels for a few members and found that I am starting to run into an issue where manufactures, suppliers and distributors are discontinuing some key hardware switches that we need to build our sims. The good news is I believe that the parts that we need are out there somewhere in the world which is why I need your help. You might actually enjoy this sort of thing, searching for a needle in a hay stack. I have done my share over the years! I know Eric and Shane has as well.


As of right now, these hard to find hardware parts are not effecting any pending orders but we are getting close to a critical point. So without any further adieu, let me introduce to you a couple of our endangered hardware switches:


Alpha Rotary Switches 1 Pole, 3 positions, D shaft, 90 degree offset

mfg P/N: SR2619F-0103-38F5B-D8-N

Mouser P/N: 105-SR2619F-13-38FN


And it's cousin......


Alpha Rotary Switches 1 Pole, 2 positions, D shaft, 90 degree offset.

mfg P/N: SR2619F-0102-38F5B-D8-N

Mouser P/N: 105-SR2619F-12-38FN

Alfha Rotary Switches


These rotary switches are used in our Reversion panels. I can still order them from Mouser but there is now a minimum order of 1,000 @ $2.44. I have spent about an hour looking for these or at least a replacement with no luck so far  A link to these parts can be found HERE



Mountain Switch Push button Switches Black CAP with Green LED

P/N: 107-6612

Mountain Switch


This little beauty is used in our Flight Guidance Control Panels. They have been obsolete at Mouser and very hard to find anywhere else on the web for about three years now.  A link to these parts can be found HERE


Again, no one is waiting for any panels with these parts listed above but sooner or later, we are going to need to get our hands on these switches. If you find any of these hard to find hardware switches, please post here, email me or buy them!


(Posted by Genoroof on 01-05-17)

I will keep an eye out for you. I have a few sites that I go to from time to time that are not “main stream”. If I can find them I will let you know. Thanks for all you do!


Here is an update on a few of these hard to find parts.  It looks like I have found a suitable replacement for the Alpha rotary selector switches.  C&K Switches has identical replacements for our 2 position 90 degree rotaries and a alternative replacement for the 3 position 90 degree rotaries.  Instead, we will use their 4 position 90 degree rotaries and then lock out one of the slots making it a 3 position switch.


Here are the C&K part numbers:

C&K 2 Position 90 Degree Rotary:  MFR#A11415RNZQ   (Currently $4.32 each)

C&K 4 Position 90 Degree Rotary:  MFR#A12415RNZQ   (Currently $4.61 each)


I have several of these ordered to confirm that these switches are no longer on the "Endangered Hardware" list!

Update on the hard to find Mountain Switches for the FGC panels!

We just found over 3,000 Mountain Switches at for just $1.25 each, however, they are of course obsolete and will not be replenished once they are gone.

  • Jameco Part no.: 2267983
  • Manufacturer: Mountain Switch
  • Manufacturer p/n: 107-6613


You can find them here at this link:

In case you are not aware, the fourteen rectangular switches on the Flight Guidance Control panel have three components going on within each of them making it a difficult switch to find for our needs:

  1.  They are a single pole momentary switch.
  2.  The legends  in the caps are backlit.
  3.  They each have a green indicator light built into them.

The Mountain Switches that we are using are as perfect as we will find for what we are trying to do and they are the perfect size!  If you are serious about building a Lear45 simulator at any point in the future, you need to go ahead and order 15 of these switches.  (one would be a spare)  It will be one last thing you will have to worry about because once these are gone, there is no replacement!

Thanks for the tip.

I used those in my 737 mcp, bought them at Open Cocpits, but they don't sell them either anymore!


A couple weeks ago a few of us received notification that another one of our MUST HAVE pieces of hardware is scheduled to become obsolete.  This time it is the dual encoder that is used in panels like the RMUs, CDRs, EFIS Panels and the HF Radio.

The exact description:

Alps Alpine Dual Concentric Rotary Encoder with switch (momentary push) 30 position, 15 pulse points

Part number: EC11EBB24Co3


Dual Encoder

There is also an option for this without the momentary push which is actually the correct configuration for the RMUs, CDR and the HF Radio.  The only panel that requires the dual encoder WITH the momentary push switch is the EFIS panels.

With this said, it does not hurt anything to have the encoder with the momentary push option in the other panels that do not require it.  The momentary push option will just not be used!

So like the other previously hard to find hardware items, this dual encoder switch is now on the "endangered list" and it may become harder and harder to find with time.  (Hopefully this is just a parts number update and the dual encoder will survive under a different part number)

As of right now, you can find them at places like Mouser or Online Components for around $16 each.  On eBay there are a couple sellers offering them as low as $12.  And one seller offering the "No switch" version for $8.88.

I order 20 dual encoders to build up my inventory for a couple future builders.  But if you are thinking of building any of the listed panels above on your own, you will want to get your hands on them sooner than later!  If you already have your sim up and running, it is not a bad idea to pick up a couple spares in case one of your current encoders starts to show signs of failure.