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Reversion Panel Function and Discussion

(Original thread started on 12-24-09 by Douglas D.)

I have been working on the DU Revesion / Master Caution panels. I have the front panel made and the amber / red LED push to cancel switch but I am wondering what type of switch to use as the reversion switch? At first I thought a rotary switch would work but it should have a push function. I understand that Jet45 has a reversion function but I have not tried it yet, what function should I go for?


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 12-24-09)

I would be more concerned with the momentary push function on that switch more than the actual rotary selector portion. If you can find a switch that does both then great, but you may consider making a switch knob on your CNC with just the push button portion implemented since we have no plans to implement panel switching. Remember that the reversion works just fine but panel swapping is not modeled.


Check out this thread about the Reversion Panel Push Button Rotary Selector solution  HERE


(Posted by Douglas D. on 02-18-10)

Just another quick question on the master caution warning lights. When active, either warning or caution, do they both flash or is it just a solid warning light?


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 02-18-10)

The Warning will flash when a red CAS message is generated and the Caution will flash when an amber message is generated. You would set your momentary reset switch up to have two different LEDs (amber and red) as well as set it up to clear the value/bit for those messages when pressed. If the situation is corrected before pressing the switch, it should go dim on its own.


Also, we are now working on adding some small enhancements to the CAS when appropriate per the manual. One of these we are working towards is the fact that when you get a CAS message in amber or red it should flash on the CAS and cause the reset panel to flash as well. Once pressed, it should cause the annunciation on the reset to quit flashing/go dark and the CAS message to change from flashing to steady (amber or red) until the configuration is corrected.


Per the manual, Offset 73d5 bit 3 and 4 are set up to show as Master Caution/ Master Warning Active. It's already been tested with SYS3 boards and works to make an LED active, I just couldn't remember if I could make it flash. I then discovered that It also is possible to make it flash via the SYS3 board with nothing special-


"You can set an output to be on when a FSUIPC value is detected (set to a value, moving, not set to a value, greater, less than ,etc). then on the output you tell it to flash vs be solid.


You program it just like you normally would and then on output screen (one level above the action) there are some options to set the LED to be solid, flash fast or flash slow."- quoted from the question raised at the FDS forum earlier today.


(Posted by Marco Lamanna on 03-18-13)

I have a little problem with the master caution LEDs in my cockpit. Reading FSUIPC documentation I found that the master caution indicator is not controlled by any offset because (I hope I'm right) it is a specific airplane implementation. In other words specific to just the Lear45 or similar aircraft.


So I think that the only valid solution is to implement this logic in SIOC programming language (I own a Opencockpit USB Output card). Do you know where I can find documentation about this? What are the conditions when it will light up the master caution indicator? For example, I know that the "low fuel signal" is one of these conditions.


Another quick question, I can not find the keyboard command to light off this indicator. Do you know it?


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 03-21-13)

Unfortunately there is no keyboard command to trigger the Master Caution/Master Warning. This is a very custom set of code that only works with JET45 offsets and software. The default LJ45 in FS has, to my understanding, no way to externally triggering the annunciator because all the conditions that do trigger it are internal, meaning we have no access to it.


If you are good at SIOC programming, you may create your own code that monitors for certain events like and Engine Shutdown, and have them flash upon a specific offset but as for making them flash, in the default aircraft, I do not believe it can be done without a qualifying event. In addition, the Aircraft Manual will give you a list of all the qualifying events that would cause the MC/MW to annunciate. It is pretty long and fairly complicated at times.


(Posted by Marco Lamanna on 03-21-13)

I'll give a look at the aircraft manual and try to implement the Master Caution login using SIOC programming language.


(Posted by Careflight on 03-30-13)

Any Red CWP crew warning panel annunciators will trigger a master warning S/I will flash also accompanied with a triple chime.


(Posted by Marco Lamanna on 01-18-14)

I finally wrote my "Master Caution software" in SIOC.  Visit my site and read about it  HERE


I wrote some SIOC code (which is my "standard" job) for Opencockpits Card to manage the Master Caution Warning indicator.  There is no FSUIPC offset for it so I implemented it with some SIOC code.

The Master Caution Warning is a visual and audio indicator to notify pilots about warnings (for example, low fuel, low oil pressure, door opened, etc etc)  These warnings are reported in detail on the CWP and on the Glass Cockpit.  This LED notifies the pilots about the presence of these warnings.

Using the source code of Dave Ault's CWP module, I identified the different cases which would trigger the LED to these warnings.  I then implemented these cases in SIOC code using the FSUIPC offset.  Because I like to develop, I managed to get the LED blinking and to play an audio file; indeed, I noticed that SIOC is able to play sounds.

Then pushing the relative button, the indicator stops and will fire up again only when a new event occurs.  At last, I managed to get the LED to light up only if battery power is on; otherwise all will be Cold & Dark.


Here is a video about my tests:


Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


(Posted by Jaap on 10-26-14)

Hello Marco, thanks, I got it. Now to try and translate some of the Italian phrases. I have been reading through it, to see if I understand anything from conditions and actions, when and why. It seems I must do some more reading. I hope to have time soon to do some tests in my system and see if I can integrate it in to my existing SIOC. Thanks for your help and the download.


Okay, First question already. I see you use offset 8600 for the MC reset. This is a user specific offset. Did Pete make a special assignment for you? Also, how is the button that you use for the MC reset assigned? Via the FSUIPC buttons & Switches tab? Thanks in advance.


(Posted by Marco Lamanna on 10-27-14)

Hi Jaap, I used free offset 8600 to control sounds in PMSounds software, which can be offset controlled. Simply speaking, offset 8600 is linked to nabcaution wave sound using PMSounds config files.


This is the extract of my soundlist.txt


nabcaution, 8600, .1, 1, CYC


It instructs PMSound to play every one second (CYC) nabcaution.wav file when offset 8600 get a value of 1. So I linked my Master Caution switch to toggle value of this offset using FSUIPC Keyboards assignment because my switches are all controlled by a keyboard interface. Hope this helps.


In the meantime, I finally fired up my sim and checked it. My master caution works well. I hope I didn't forget to write about any steps in the configuration!


(Posted by Jaap on 01-13-15)

Hi Marco, I think something must have gone wrong somewhere because with your code I could not get it working at all. Luckily I have a B747 builder who lives nearby and is very handy with the SIOC code and he wrote me a couple of lines that did exactly what I was expecting. So thanks for your troubles. But if anything comes to mind that could get the code you wrote working for me is always welcome.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 08-15-17)

Hey guys, I just wanted to update this thread with some useful information.


Several updates ago, Jet45 AAS has addressed the issue of the LED indicator lights in the WARN/CAUT switches on the Reversion panels flashing when either the WARN or the CAUT is triggered by a situation or an advisory in the EICAS. When this happens, you will also hear three aural tones for the WARN and one aural tone if a CAUT is triggered. Once the WARN or CAUT is acknowledge by one of the pilots by pushing either of the WARN/CAUT switches on the Reversion panel, the WARN and or CAUT LED will turn from flashing to solid. Once the situation has been cleared, the WARN and or the CAUT LEDs will extinguish.


This has been working properly in Jet45 AAS for at least five years now with the use of special offsets in FSUIPC specifically set aside for the Jet45 AAS software. If you don't have a copy of Jet45 then you will have to address this via SOIC logic like Jaap and Marco were discussing above.


You can learn more about Jet45 AAS by clicking here:


(Although as of this writing it appears that the Flightdecksoft website is under construction)