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SELCAL Panel Discussion

(Original thread started on 07-04-14 by Ron Rollo)

The Selective Calling (SELCAL) panel works in conjunction with the inflight phone. All it does is choose between the VHF and HF bands when an incoming phone call is detected. If a call is coming in on a HF frequency then the HF indicator light will flash. The same thing is true if a call is detected coming in on a VHF frequency. In our case, we will not be hooking a flight phone up to the SELCAL panel so it is going to be limited to what you can expect from it.


This is a SELCAL Panel as seen in a real Lear45:

Scott 5


This is the release of another minor panel, the SELCAL. It is basically going to be nothing more than eye candy but none the less, it will at least look the part in the simulator:

Ron 994


Ron 995


I will be setting my SELCAL up so that the legends light up during a light test and it will also be set up so that when you push the switch, the legends will flash along with an aural tone. The panel will also be back lit. Plug and Play version pictured below:

Ron 996


If interested, the SELCAL panel will run $75. This package will include the lens and frame for the AML.  The SELCAL panel plug and play will be $145. This will include the AML switch completed with the wiring harness.


Please send me an email if you would like to place an order for this panel.


(Posted by Mark Speechley on 07-08-14)

I'm getting excited. More knobs and buttons for the wife to gawk in amazement at. I can see the trade-off coming. SELCAL panel for a gold plated horse float with tea and coffee making facilities. Good deal boys! Count me in for the Plug and play version. At the rate you boys are churning out the panels we must be getting close to the air hostess I ordered ages ago?


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 08-12-14)

Quick update on the SELCAL panels. They are all done! A few of you already have yours depending if you had anything else ordered. Here are a few photos of the remaining SELCAL panels completed and waiting to be shipped out:

Ron 997


Eric and I are currently working on the Pitch Trim Panels and as soon as they are complete, these SELCAL panels will ship out.


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 10-24-14)

Here is a link to the manufacturer of the SELCAL panel in the Lear, thought some of you may be interested in some of the info or photos.  Here is the link:


I found a pdf document that confirms that there are SELCAL panels that are backlit. Also Ron found a photo of a SELCAL panel in a Lear 45 that is backlit. With this info we now know that the Lear45 SELCAL panel is in fact backlit. Here is the photo I found of the lit up SELCAL panel:

Shane 72

The v2.0 SELCAL Panels are complete!  They look exactly like the v1.0 SELCALs but are built a little differently.  The only difference is the way I designed the backlighting and how all the pieces fit together. A much better design when it comes to assembly and if you happen to have to take it apart to fix something.

If you need one, you will find them listed in the HANGAR PRODUCTS page.  Or if you would like to make one on your own, email me for the files.  Once all the panels are proven, I will upload all the files again. (A website update several weeks ago broke all the file links which I have to fix!)