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Learjet45 Sun Visor Discussion

(Original thread started on 06-13-12 by Ron Rollo)

Check this gift of information out! I was looking on eBay for unrelated items and came across Learjet Sun Visors:

Ron 1086


What's even cooler than this is that the seller took the time to give us the exact measurements of the visors: 11.030" X 8.94" X .125 Gray Acrylic  (The manufacture list them at 7" X 11")


I will not bid on these and I suspect that anyone with a CNC will not either. We can easily make these!


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 06-16-12)

Yeah seen those a while back on eBay and picked up a set . . got them for the starting bid price of $27.00 . . one of the cheapest things I have found on eBay for the Lear. This seller has listed quite a few of these for sale.


I found some drawings for the brackets just not had the time to start working on them. I don't think they will be that complicated to make. Basically they bolt onto the visor, and tension holds them in the position that you place them on the rail.


I think a poly material like what Ron uses for the column heads might work. Ron might be able to cut these out on CNC. I will try to locate the drawings and forward a link to Ron in case he is interested.


I think 3/8in rod will work for the rail system. Brackets will need to be welded to the 3/8in rods so I can attach it to the sim shell. . at least on mine but that's not a problem


Also just for info purposes, there are two different sizes of visors for the Lear 45.



I found the link where the drawings are: offers the Lrarjet45 monorail sun visor system HERE

Ron 1087


This is the link to the Learjet45 Sun Visor HERE

Ron 1088


At least we have a source if we do not want to replicate these although pricey!


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 01-05-18)

Here are a couple photos of the sun visor monorails and the visors!

Ron 1089


Ron 1090


Ron 1091


Ron 1092


Additionally, here is a drawing based on the information above:

Ron 1093


You can find the .DXF for the sun visors on the Builder Resources page