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Crew Warning Panel Discussion

(Original thread started on 08-13-11 by Eric Tomlin)

Wanted to let you guys know that the Flight Line Simulations internally illuminated CWP is now available for orders. Here are a couple photos of the Crew Warning Panel installed in L45-002:

Ron 921


Ron 922


Here is a little information about the real Crew Warning Panel: 

Ron 923


You can find out more information about the real Crew Warning Panel HERE


Contact me for details as this product has the potential to have some elements custom to each user.


(Posted by Rand Mathews on 08-13-11)

Eric, how much and how will it be interfaced?


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 08-13-11)

Rand, there are some options in how the circuit is configured for each output card. The customer interfaces as they wish, but there is a CWP utility that's being tested that will be provided to simplify interfacing if you choose to use it. Pricing is available via email, because there are a few options available that may affect pricing.


After nearly taking down the simulator to a very bare-bones state for multiple hardware upgrades that have been waiting for install, I can finally show how well the new Flight Level CWP-G3 works. The unit is mounted to the MIP via the included 6-32 machine screws and even with the wire harness on the back, the MIP continues to sit as flush as it did prior to CWP installation, as there's a consistent .125"+ gap between the back of the MIP (on mine, Shane's, and Ron's simulators at least) and the front of the LCD screens, providing plenty of room for the wires.


Just wanted to let you know that 5 of the 6 planned CWPs have been accounted for. If you are interested in the 6th one for the FDS SYS card, then please contact me ASAP. Retail is $175 with $5.00 S&H in the CONUS.


(Posted by Alan Norris on 12-14-11)

I received my CWP from Eric a week back (nice piece of hardware Eric). I hadn't done anything with it until today. It took a while and a struggle but I eventually got all of the wires neatly routed side by side in the center of the CWP and taped them in place on the back. I can now mount it to the MIP and route the wires down between the two RMUs on the MIP and tape them in place. I have about 1-3/4" of space to work in between the RMU so I got the wires taped together 1-1/2" wide:

Alan 49


I have ordered an FDS-SYS4X board so when it comes I can light the CWP up like a Christmas tree!


I separated them out side by side and then taped the back of the CWP to keep them in place. See photo -- notice that I routed them toward the center so they would be the correct width when the exit the bottom:

Alan 50


This is a great shot of the CWP installed from the backside.  Everything has to be as flush as possible due to the LCD screen being right behind the MIP:

Alan 51

A few days ago Maciej was asking about how I attached the CWP to the aluminum MIP.  In my case, I used 8-24 post fasteners as you can see in this photo of the back side of my MIP:

Ron 924


The key is to keep thing as flush as possible becasue we have LCD screen directly behind the MIP.


Additionally, Eric Tomlin created a small program that helps interface the CWP to InterfaceIT.  Here are the custom Jet45 AAS offsets associated with Learjet45 annunciation lights:

Ron 925


Below you will find the CWP program.

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