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Learjet 45 Flightsim Showcase

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Hangar 45 video showcase.

This is the thread to show your videos of actual flights in your simulator. This is a wonderful way to view what a completed or near completed cockpit will be like when it is your turn to fly.

This is the first contribution which is a highlighted video of a 'mission' my flight crew undertook from Sicily to Malta.

Enjoy. Note; Best viewed in full screen.

Mark Speechley with aircrew Mark Cooper & Peter Nicholas

Another uploaded video, this time by Mark Cooper.

Just a collection of flights along the way, with his guest pilots.


Hey Mark,

Thanks for starting this thread which hopefully in time will have hundreds of Lear45 simulator videos!  I have a few but none are of good quality except for this one that Eric took while you guys were here for Hangar Day 2016:

G'day everyone,

Just a continuation of videos, that may be of interest. This was a good bit of fun taking off from Dubai (using Fly Tampa Dubai scenery) and following an Emirates A380. Took a fair degree of flying skills as once at altitude ( about FL350) the A380 as you see is faster than our Lear, so you need to fly higher then dive down to increase speed, to try and catch up. I followed it up the Persian Gulf as far as I could until I could not detect it on radar.


Hi all,

Just a quick video of the cockpit.

I was flying in the Victorian Alps here in Australia. You'll see the moving map on the iPad Pro with the aircraft's position. The program was iGMapHD for ipad by FSWidgets.



Hi all,

Time for the next video.

This one is my brother and I flying into Juneau. All went well until a software glitch linked the brakes to the ailerons. Needless to say as you'll see taxiing was a bit tricky.

Anyway enjoy and just marvel at the quality of the P3D v4 and ORBX scenery.

Mark S.

Hey Mark,

This is a wonderful video.  What a great sim you have.  Everyone can enjoy this video and be inspired by it.  Thank you.

Thanks Randy,

My aircrew and I appreciate your comments. There are more videos in the pipeline, just got to find the time to finish them.

I completed the planning for the latest 'mission' for my aircrew. I'll let you in on the secret, as they don't know.

As a hint. " The Heroes of Telemark". So if you know anything about the movie it was loosely about blowing up a Heavy Water Factory in Norway during WWII, to prevent the Nazis from making an atomic bomb.

We'll see how the video turns out.


Mark S.

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