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Elevator Disconnect Handle Discussion

(Original thread started on 04-13-12 by Shane Barnes)

I finally found some time to finish up on the elevator disconnect project that I have been working on. This is the new version of the elevator disconnect handle and switch mechanism that I designed. This design incorporates a switch that will detect if the elevator disconnect handle is not in the correct configuration for flight, and the handle pulls up and rotates to the left or right 90 degrees and locks in position as the real handle in the Lear 45. The handle is spring loaded and will return to its stowed position when turned back to center and released.


This part is all handmade except for the switch, spring and locking collar. The box is made out of wood and routed to shape, sanded, smoothed and painted.


I have discussed the possibility of Jason adding the CAS message in JET45 with Eric, and Jason is considering adding this feature to the software in a future update of JET45.


The grey "box" was drawn by Ron along with a drawing of the "handle frame" that was cut out by Tom Goldberg with the water jet.  I wanted to give credit to the guys that assisted in this project.  Thanks guys!


Side view of elevator disconnect box and handle:

Shane 73


Back view of box showing switch and spring loaded switch mechanism:

Shane 74


Close up of the pitch disconnect handle:

Shane 75


I am considering making a few of these for sale if there is any interest in them. If interested email me at shaneb341 at for pricing.



Here is the finalized version of the pitch disconnect module. I made this one for Randy and if it meets his approval will be shipping out in the next few days. Here are a few photos of the completed module:

Shane 76


Shane 77



Shane 78



Shane 79


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 04-23-12)

Those parts look great Shane! I like the idea of having a switch inside the Pitch Disconnect module.


You guys keep in mind that if you are going to include the Pitch trim module in your build you have to go with the short TQ port side access cover. If you have the larger port side cover version, it is not the end of the world. I was able to cut mine down to size and fill in the part of the opening in the TQ. It was a little time consuming though.


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 05-14-12)

A quick update . . Randy now has his pitch disconnect and parking brake assembly and I have started on four more pitch disconnect assemblies. Three will be going out to Mike, Alan and Eric and one will be going into my build (L45-007)  Here is a photo of the parts awaiting cutting, welding, assembly and paint:

Shane 80


hope to have these out to the guys soon if my real job does not interfere!


I am close to finishing the four disconnects that I started working on May 14. I had an additional inquiry from Ronald so I will be making another PD in the future for myself . . customer comes first! Here are a few photos of the progress. They are finished and in final primer waiting the correct gunship grey color on the box portion of the assembly:

Shane 81


(Posted by Ronald Pater on 07-08-12)

I've received mine last week and they are absolutely awesome! Thanks Shane, good work!