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Replica Knob Kit Discussion

(Original thread started on 06-04-10 by Ron Rollo)

I wanted to wait and get the knobs that I ordered from Peter Cos over at Flight Deck Solutions before I made a report on them. As it turns out, the FDS-PRO-M-B2R and the FDS-PRO-M-MEDR knobs are the perfect solution to one of our knob problems. Take a look at our reference photos and some of your own to see if you can find which functions these knobs take care of. (Home work for you new guys!)


FDS sells these knobs in kit form, five per pack at $21.95 (Canadian). We each need sixteen of the smaller style knobs and two of the larger style knobs. Eric and I paired up and ordered seven packages of the smaller ones and one package of the larger style. This way, we only had three smaller knobs and one larger knob left over between the two of us. Saved a little on the shipping too!


This is what the knobs look like in kit form. FDS sells the finished knobs for $12.95 each which would total $233.10 for the hole set:

Ron 1110


This is all of the knobs, (in this style), that you will need to complete your L45 flight deck painted and ready for installation:

Ron 1111


The smaller one's part number is: FDS-PRO-M-MEDR

The larger one's part number is: FDS-PRO-M-B2R


Oh yeah, they are back lightable too! Which reminds me. Peter Cos has done a great job in designing a workable back lit knob. He asked that if you purchase these from him that you not share the method to replicate these parts over the internet:

Ron 1112



1. I used Krylon gray "for plastic". You can get it at Wal Mart.

2. FDS includes a laser cut set of stickers that helps achieve the final results. It is about a 7 step process that includes sanding, painting, putting on and taking off stickers, and more painting.


You can get these knob kits from Flight Deck Solutions by contacting either Peter Cos or Steve Cos here:


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 06-05-10)

Most folks can figure it out but as a customer of FDS, it is requested that you don't advertise the method used, so Ron complied with that request from FDS.


It's about $60 for a set of unpainted knobs. Email Pete and he can ship them to me for you and I can forward them but beware- shipping on the last box to me was $32.00. Total was $92.00 for all the knobs unpainted.


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 10-31-12)

Just wanted to post and let everyone know that if you are in need of any of these knobs, FDS still has many of them but they have pulled the listing off of the website along with other smaller hardware listings (imagine as a panel vendor getting emails all the time asking for these knobs and other small bits and pieces and then getting complaints for S&H, then you will get the picture). If you have need of any of these, simply contact FDS directly and they can ship them to you as required. Just make certain have the model and quantity confirmed before contacting them.


(Posted by Terry Collins on 09-01-13)

Does FDS still make these knobs? And can someone check on the quantity that we need for a full set in our sims? I already have Ron's two reversion panels, so it looks like I need 12 more of the smaller knobs and 2 of the larger ones, is that correct? Also, can someone give me the O.D. of the smaller knobs?


(Posted by Mike Badger on 09-01-13)

Pete knows about the Learjet requirements he had told me he would make it a package so all you need to do is mention Learjet45 and Hangar45 and he will know what you need.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 09-03-13)

The smaller knobs are .765" diameter. You will need 16 small knobs and 2 large knobs in total. I just did a count. Two Reversions, four on the left crew lights, four on the right crew lights, four on the electrical panel, and then two small and two large on the environmental panel.


The fan speed knobs on the Environmental panel are not on all Lear45s. Not sure if it is an option or an after thought. In any case, they are designed into our sims!


(Posted by Terry Collins on 09-04-13)

Okay got it Ron, thanks. The one MIP panel view I have here does not have the two smaller knobs on the environmental panel.


Just a bit of feedback. The set of unpainted knobs is currently CAN$59.95 + $30 postage to USA.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 10-03-13)

Yes, that is the whole set. Peter Cos at FDS did us Hangar45 guys a favor by putting together a complete set of knobs so that we don't have to buy more than we need. But you have to finish them off yourself. Or......

Ron 1113


If you have them shipped to me, I will finish them for a small fee. If interested, email me.

Shane and I have been working on a System Test knob replica and one thing that came up is the color of the knobs.  We want the System Test knob color to match the color of the other Korry replica knobs.  The problem is the painted replica knobs we have seem to have turned colors, most likely due to the clear coat applied.  After all, it was 12 years ago when these knobs were painted originally.

We have found that no matter the brand or shade of gray, the thing we need to be aiming for is to find a color for the knobs that are about two or three shades lighter than the panels.  Check out the real knobs in this photo below.  This is the goal.

After several trips to nearly all of the hardware stores in the area, I finally found the best match for the knobs.  Rust Oleum Phantom Gray Gloss.

We want our knobs to have a flat finish and that is accomplished by hitting them with a final clear flat coat.   The hardest part, more like, the most time consuming part of the process is the prep and masking off the indicator lines.

Here they are after a fresh coat of paint and a clear flat coat.  I did not need to add a lot of paint because I already had a "base coat".  You can see clearly the difference in the old color and the fresh Phantom Gray.  I bet with time they end up looking aged again!

And here they are back installed on the panel.  (no flash)

(With the flash)  I wanted to include a couple photos with and without the flash because lighting in photos can really play with the colors, especially the grays.

Hopefully in the next 24 hours we will have a System Test replicas prototype ready to show off.  Standby....

As promised here is the new System Test knob!

This was a true multi joint effort project.  Thanks to Jason for doing the early experimental Plug and Mold work proving that making our own knobs is possible!  And thanks to Shane for securing a real System Test knob and making a mold of it.  Along the way, there were several failures, too many to count, but as they say, every failure is a learning opportunity!

Here is a closer look at the System Test knob prototype.

The main body of the knob was made using the plug and mold method, but the top cap was made with the CNC.  The artwork on top is actually Drytransfers clear coated in place.

Of all the knobs in the Lear45, this one is the most challenging.  In the near future we are hoping to have a complete set of knobs available, all back lightable and made in house!

NOTE:  For the guys that have the "Vince" System Test knob, I have found that it is about 20% undersized compared to the actual size of the knob.  It took me a couple days to get use to the larger knob after knowing no better for so long.

Along the same lines, if you have an "Eric" System Test Panel, the artwork on the panel is slightly under scaled to match up with the undersized Vince knob.  I have to let you know this because if you want a new correct size System Test knob and you have an Eric System Test panel, you might notice that the knob looks too big compared to the artwork on the panel.  However, it is not so far out of scale that it is noticeable unless you know what you are looking for.

The System Test switch with knob has been added to the HANGAR PRODUCTS page.