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DZUS Fastener Discussion

In the real Lear45 aircraft, more than half of the panels are held in place with DZUS fasteners and DZUS rails.  This is an ingenious way to secure real aviation panels in place and quickly remove them with a quarter turn of a screw driver.  This little device was invented by William Dzus and has been around since the 1930's. You can learn more about the DZUS fasteners HERE

Right Click on the DZUS illustrations below:


A detailed illustrations of the DZUS rail spacing:


Typical Center Pedestal panel width and spacing:


If you are building your simulated aircraft panels and framework in exactly the same manor as the real thing, you should be able to use real DZUS fasteners with the DZUS rails.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are not.

Therefor, a DZUS fastener replica was developed to look exactly like the real DZUS fastens!  Each DZUS replica will need to be finished using a Dremel tool by mounting the DZUS replica to the spindle and spinning it while shaping the head with a file, giving it a rounded off edge and of course painted with Model Masters Gunship Gray.  See unfinished DZUS fastener replicas below:

Here are several examples of the DZUS fastener replicas mounted to the Center Pedestal:

If you would like to make your own DZUS fastener replicas, you can find the DXF file in the Builder Resources page or they can be found in the Hangar Products page.