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V2.0 Panel Progress by Project45

Another quick update.  The past week I have been busy painting panels front and back.  I am about 80% complete with this part of the process and will have all the panels painted in the next few days.

The reason it takes so long to paint "a couple panels" is due to the masking of all the light bars that run across the top of the square switch holes.  These light bars are designed to glow and shed a small amount of light on the switch body to make them easier to locate if they are not illuminated.

(In normal flight conditions, all the switches in the flight deck are not illuminated)

I am using Rust-Oleum Flat Gray Primer as a base and a finish coat on all front and backer panels.

After the front panels dry, I checked them all to insure there is zero light bleed through the paint.  In all cases so far, I have not had to add any paint.  It is a fine balancing act.....too thin and light bleeds through.  Too thick and the laser will not burn through all the paint!

Here are a couple photos of several panels in various stages of the painting process.

I am getting so close to finishing this panels that I can taste it.....probably just the paint in the air!

Quick update!

All the panels are painted and are in the process of curing.  For some reason, the last can of paint I used has left about six panels a little tacky even after several days.  I can handle them but want to wait until they are completely dry before turning them over to the laser shop.

The other issue I am working on is refining my artwork drawings.  I am finding a few little things here and there but nothing terrible.  However, the big thing that I am dealing with is when I import a dxf drawing into Coral Draw, the text shifts slightly and is a little larger than what I started with in the dxf drawing.  To combat this, I am drawing "guide frames" around all the text artwork in the dxf drawing so that I know exactly where the text belongs in the cdr drawing.  If it was just one or two panels this would not be a big deal but because I am going back and updating ALL my drawings, it is taking a little time.  Probably the same amount of time as it takes to watch paint dry!

If you are not into reading about watching paint dry, this might wake you up.  Jason and I have been working hard at finalizing the Jet45 modules, particularly those that deal with the Advanced Avionics Suite.  Just recently I have started converting the modules into pcb form and placed a couple test orders.

A couple to a PCB manufacture is quantities around 25 by the way which is enough to get all of us started and then some!  (Once we insure all is good with them)

In the photo below, I have the DU2/REV1 Module, RMU2 Module and the APU Module with AMP display which is actually going to be part of the Jet45 Systems Software.

Just to give you a sneak peak at what the final modules will look like, here they are with the Arduinos, plugs and stuff soldered in place!

Not bad if you ask me!  We are right on the front door steps of a truly plug and play solution for our Lear45!  Again, a big thanks to Jason for envisioning this concept with such a complex project!

Next step is to get these in Jason's hands early next week to do some further testing.  There should be no difference between these and the previous clad versions with the exception that these PCBs look cool and take up less space.  If all passes we will move forward with the rest of the Jet45 AAS modules and work to get a set in the hands of Mark S. to run them through the mill.

Beats watching paint dry right?


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