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Maciej's L45-013 Project and Updates!

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Haven’t decided yet. Radius is on a short side but doable. Smaller the radius, more problems with image focus on curved screen but after seeing Ron’s setup few years ago, I can’t imagine doing it any other way as of this moment.

Numbers look promising. I am thinking of three BenQ HT2150ST. At distance of 65” they are capable of throwing image that is 94” wide and 54” high. For example 75” TV has image size of 66”W x 37”H. Knowing that circumference at radius of 65 and angle of 210 degree is 238 inches - that is more than enough to make seamless 210 degree view.

I wish there was a company that makes custom lenses for curved screens.

Got my Hangar blacked out few days ago and successfully configured my computers in network with static IP addresses, took care of Homegroup mess and awaiting parts to upgrade a few things in second PC that takes care of avionics.

Also, I installed all 4 DUs that I received from Ron a few months ago and it looks spectacular!  Since I purchased all computers from Alan, I have a chance to play with Jason's state of art Jet45 Advanced Avionic Suite.  Please note that all 3 computers are awaiting Windows 10 Pro upgrade.  Soon after I'm planning to purchase my own license for entire package from Jason, so I hope he doesn't mind me playing around with what came with computers.



Next major project to tackle is the 210 degree wrap around visual system based on Ron's tutorial. I'm limited to 66 -68” radius. I decided to mount it permanently thus giving myself extra 1 or 2" in certain spots.

That is a great picture! It's exciting getting to this point in the build where you are getting closer to a flyable sim.  After many years of Jet45 development I finally have a flyable sim and it was well worth the wait.

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

Outstanding photo Maciej!  I know you are excited to finally be here and working on your sim again.  Jet45 looks great in those DUs!  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on your visual system.  I am going to look into using only two overhead projectors for my rebuild.


Immersive display is your goto warping software for normal and weird shapes. I'm sure it will have a solution for you with your cramped dimensions.

Just send them an email with your needs and lets see what they say with their recommendations.


I'm sure there are other companies out there but I have used this product from day dot with no problems at all.

Time to work on my visual system. This is Ron's design with some mods to accommodate my needs.

After A LOT of back and forth between me and Ron (I'm sorry!), screen is going to be 6 feet tall an starts 12" off the ground. Based on intel gathered from Ron, this will result (in my case) in proper eye level in reference to screen and hopefully eliminate visibility of both top and bottom edge of the projected image from inside of the shell.

As previously stated, my radius is tad on short side but I think it will do just fine. To take full advantage of the given space I mounted structure to the wall using variety of different size brackets, since distance to the wall vary based on specific angle. What you see on the picture below, will result in 209 - 210 degree field of view with radius of 65.875 (structure sits at 66" minus 1/8" for white masonite board).

There are sections of the structure where thickness goes down to as little as 1/2". On the edges screen will rest directly on the wall.


Screen assembled.

Each board is glued and reinforced with trim nails using nail gun. I tried drilling tiny holes and use regular nails but they don’t sink into masonite too well and damage to surface is substantial. Nail gun leaves much smaller imprint on the surface.

I used high quality wood filler to fill the small gaps and nail holes.

I did some research and I planning on going with dark screen. I found few recipes worth trying but first I need few coats of primer.

This picture has been taken using panoramic mode and along with few unnecessary shades here and here it doesn’t do justice.

Your work is looking outstanding!  The curved frame work is as complex as I have ever seen and it looks like you squeezed every last fraction of an inch out of your potential radius.  Great work!

Looking forward to seeing some projectors hanging from the ceiling soon!

While I'm waiting for wood filler to dry, i did quick upgrade on my caster wheels. Old ones, that I removed were 2.5", new ones are 4". By doing this I get proper clearance for my motorcycle jack to slide under the base in case I have to do some work under. Also new wheels, when locked, are truly LOCKED, not only within movement back and forth but also around pin that allows it to spin around. This upgrade was calculated while positioning screen in reference to ground and shell base.


Since you purchased Alan's computers, would you have his Pokeys code? If so could I get them from you?

I purchased his MIP with all the bezels including the DUs and RMUs. All are connected to Pokeys cards with the cables.

It would help me from having to discover which wire goes where.

Thanks in advance. If you would prefer to answer in email, my address is

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