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Maciej's L45-013 Project and Updates!

Little update on my build.

Due to some unknown error, my MIP was missing few holes where decorative 8-32 screws go in, at the corners of all RMU.


It looked like an easy fix but it turned out to be quite a mess since I managed to do things wrong.

After detailed examination of all possible pictures and videos of this section, I thought I got it all figured out. I drilled proper size holes.... too close to the RMU.... ALL OF THEM. There was not enough space to install RMUs and put in place ANY of decorative 8-32 screws.

How did I fix it?

I had plenty of 8-32 post fasteners with diameter larger than the hole drilled. Using round file, I managed to enlarge the hole and move it away from RMUs.



I also replaced all wires from CWP to correct color (green) for LED and using double sided mounting tape I attached them to small piece of metal sheet at the back of the MIP. This little metal sheet is held in place by RMU screws. Benefits of this solution is that  CWP is fully removable.

As you see, CWP is mounted with 6-32 post fasteners and Stand-by Bezels are attached from the back of the MIP using miniature screws (I did not attach it using self adhesive tape).



I also changed my computer desk. I originally had it looking like this.

Now is looking like that.

All 3 computers will eventually fit underneath  the desk when room is painted and all wires concealed.

Some testing done with CWP and FDS- SYS card before I start putting things in place.

Looks much better in the dark.


Hey Maciej,

Wow, everything is coming along great and looking good!  I think it was my fault that some of those holes were missing on the MIP.  I am going to be updating the MIP CAD drawing in a few weeks and this is one of the areas I am going to double check.  The other issue is going to be to open up the Audio Control Panel area by a few millimeters on all four sides so that the real ACP can slide into the MIP if you happen to have one.


Nice looking CWP there too!  Keep up the great work!

Looks amazing Maciej!  Amazing how far this project has been pushed!  I'm glad there are still updates Ron is needing to do to the MIP.... this means the project is still evolving and we are pushing the Lear build even further than we thought possible 9 years ago!   Looking forward to seeing more of your project come together!

My flight simulator room is finally ready.

Time to bring "fuselage"!

Looks amazing Maciej!  A nice clean slate for the Lear45 simulator.  I like the colors too.  I am looking forward to seeing the shell in there soon.

New room ready for rolling in L45-013! I kept same color theme but this time I also painted ceiling to minimize reflections. Glass door and window next to it, will be covered with black film.

Lear45 Room

Lear45 Room

Lear45 Room

I managed to unbox the L45-013 today! It was sitting in 2 separate crates for almost 2 years.

March 30

March 30

March 30

I'm a little short on proper radius but it is gonna have to work. To maximize space best scenario is 210 degree view with 66 inches radius to work with - 65 inches actually for some material to hold screen in place. This is not going to be a priority tho. Technology is evolving rapidly and possibly in next few years there are gonna be better options rather than trying to squeeze image using short throw projector on curved screen which this projector is not really designed for. Wish there was a company to makes custom lenses to adapt image to curved screen. Haven't found any so far.

For now - its time to get computers hooked up with some basic visual and start interfacing. I'm really excited for Arduino products implementation. Kudos to Jason that works on software part!

Your sim room is looking super sweet Maciej!  Looks like you home was built with a flight simulator in mind.  (Although a little bigger radius would have been nice)  I think you will be fine.

I know you are ready to switch gears and get back to work on some sim stuff!

Looks very nice!
So, are you gonna use projectors or LCD for outside view?


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