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Maciej's L45-013 Project and Updates!

Wow! What a clean and fresh looking sim room.  Could it be any more clean and squared away?  Even your instructor station and computer stack is as squared away as possible.  As the younger generation says, "Goals".

You are no doubt ready to move forward with the next steps of your project which will be coming sooner than later.  I think we can all agree that you project is "The Super Model of the Lear45 Project"!  One day I want to see this with my own eyes.

Got some progress made with my project. Getting very close to start interfacing.

All 3 computers have freshly installed Windows 10 Pro along with properly configured network with static IP. Purchased P3D v5 and installed with no hiccup, tried to fire it up, no problems, loading any aircraft is a no go as of this moment. After quick investigation I realized that my GTX860 is not up to par with P3D v5 minimum requirements. I could downgrade to P3D v4 and get it going but found it pointless having to work with (little) outdated P3D v4 and eventually having to install P3D v5 so I closed my eyes and placed a bid on used EVGA GTX 1080 Ti. It wasn't as expensive as 3080 line I would like to have, but good enough to get me going for a moment without having to go back to P3D V4.

Also, looks like porting Learjet45 from Perfect flight Lear45 using their installation file works, to certain point. It installs with no errors yet P3D v5 doesn't show Learjet 45 as an aircraft to choose from unless you move some files around where they need to be in the aircraft folder of P3D v5. Please note, Perfect Flight Lear45 doesn't indicate that is compatible with V5. I originally purchased it from but looks like its no longer in business.

I also need to recover Learjet35 I purchased from that is not in business as well (for sound pack purpose, that seems to be much better quality than FSX Learjet45). If anybody have an installation file, I could use a hand. I have my own activation code.

Once GTX 1080 Ti is here next week, will give it another try to load ported Learjet 45.

I also found that FSXflight used to connect P3D and ForeFlight on Ipad is no longer available for purchase. Found alternative. It's called XMAPSY. If anybody experienced it first hand, please chime in.

Thanks to Ron for his steady stream of parts and accessories!

Wow, looks so much better then my shed

One could live there

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