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V2.0 Panel Progress by Project45


Hey Roel.

Yes,  it is an OLED 2.7" display by Nextion,  PN: NX3224T024_011

Jason's Jet45 Systems Software will take care of the graphics on the display so no worries there.

I have just about got the Pressure panel proven.  All I still need to do is build the clad plate and double check the artwork.  Once I do that I can send you the files if you want to build your own.

Another quick update on the new v2.0 panels and hardware!

Jason and I came up with the idea of developing what we have nicknamed the "Airplane Panel".  It is a hidden behind the Weight Chart panel and I have designed it so that if for some reason, you do not like this idea or want to move this panel to your instructor station, you can with no issues.  As a matter of fact, it might be a good idea to have the Airplane Panel in both locations, behind the Weight Chart Panel and at your instructor station.

This Airplane panel has 20 momentary push buttons each with it's own built in LED indicator.  Each one of these buttons are a Reset/Status for each of the 20 Arduino Interface modules in the simulator.  If each of the Arduino Interface modules are functioning properly, they will be flashing a steady heart beat pulse.  If there is an issue, the individual Reset/Status will either be dark or solid.  By pushing the button in question, it will reset the Arduino Module and correct the issue on the fly.

If you have a perfect flight, you will not have to pop the cover off of the Airplane Panel.  But if you have been in flight sim for any length of time, you are aware that anything can happen.  By having this panel right at our fingertips, it will minimize the adverse effects of pausing the sim, and resetting a module outside of the sim.

This photo shows the Airshow Panel in the stowed position.  I have designed it so that it is basically a hidden and could possibly be considered a secret panel!

I have designed the Weight Chart Panel to be held in place with a couple magnets, four in all.  Two embedded into the Weight Chart Panel and two embedded into the Left Crew Backer Panel:

The magnets are very strong and will hold the Weight Chart panel in place with no issues.  Take a peek of the back side and see what's going on.

The idea of the Airplane Panel of course came after I had four brand new MIP v2.0's cut out.  So I had to create a template and a jig to manually cut the twenty holes into the aluminum MIP.  Not hard, just takes some time.  All these files will be available here in the hangar so you can modify your v1.0 MIPs if you wish.

Wondering how the Airplane Panel got it's name?  Watch this short 23 second video:

So very clever Ron!  I suspect if you fly around with the cover panel off, you'd have the same reaction!  Beeping and Flashing and Beeping....

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

Looks good Ron! I like this idea.

Here is a quick update on our latest progress with the interface modules!  To date, this is our third rendition of the prototype interface modules for the Jet45 AAS v2.0

This latest version includes reset/status buttons and plugs that can be remotely mounted.  See my post #12 in this thread to get an idea of one of the places these reset buttons can be mounted.  Below is a photo of the complete set of prototype interface modules for the up and coming Jet45 AAS V2.0

This is just a cool photo I wanted to share with you of the FGC module lit up from behind checking for clear trace lines and in this case they are all clean as a whistle!

The final version of all our interface modules will be professionally made PCBs.  However, if you are a DIY kind of guy and enjoy making your own modules using clad, 100% of all the DXF and G-code files will be available in the BUILDER RESOURCES page.  Both the PCB and the clad versions will operate exactly the same, the only note worthy difference is that the clad version will have a larger footprint when compared to the PCB versions.

The illustration below was created by Jason but worth posting it up here as well to give you guys a bit of a signal flow map of the Jet45 AAS and the future Jet45 Systems Software:


Much more to come, just a couple sneak peaks at the progress!

That looks really really good Ron!!!


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