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Roel's Learjet 45 simulator

Hey Roel,

Great looking set of rudder pedals and thanks for sharing the short video!  I know the challenge that you have been dealing with, trying to make them out of common materials and without special tools.  I spent the better part of two months studying the rudder pedal system and the movements to come up with a solid plan to make it work with the tools we have at hand.  But at least you have built something!  I only have them built in a CAD drawing.

Have you had a chance to take a look at my Dual Rudder Pedal Design?  It is modeled after the mechanical movements of the real Lear45.

Go to the Builder Resources page found HERE

Then scroll down the the "Project45 Dual Rudder Pedal Design" and download the file.  It contains a DXF file of the drawing.  The design includes all the proper measurements and angles to make the pedals feel ergonomically correct at your feet.  And they are also designed in the "parallelogram" effect, meaning the toe breaks stay on the same plane when the rudder pedals are pushed back and forth.  If nothing else, you can get some more clues from this drawing to work into your custom design.

In any case, keep up the great work and keep the updates coming!

Hi Ron

I surely looked at the rudder pedal project you mentioned!  I got my inspiration from it!

The projects page is really getting great with all the dxf files.

Nice work Ron.

Due to the Corona virus we are asked to stay at home, so one thing you can do at home is work on the sim 🙂

So...My dual linked rudder pedals are fininished.
Flight controls are allmost ready now.
They are build in to the shell.
I am adjusting the springs so everything, when released , gets nicely back to the center point.

More photos are on the way.

Hey Roel,

Your dual rudder pedal system is looking great!  Thanks for sharing the video too.  A pitcure is worth a thousands words which makes a video priceless! LOL

Thanks Ron.

All is build in the sim, and cabling is done.
So up for the next level.



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Well done! Definitely giving me inspiration to try this  with out needed more than at home tools.

Have you dealt with any conflicts ( may not even be an issue) that could happen with the A/C and F/O brakes if they are used at the same time? Not sure if the software just defaults to the highest value or not ( who ever is pushing the brakes hardest)

Yes I am worried about that, issues with brakes of Capt and FO.

I am not sure if and how to solve it.

I guess I will solve it as I go 😀

Worst case I only connect the captain side.

But maybe bigger zero zones in settings will work.

Hey guys, you can calibrate each brake pedal and assign duplicate left brake pedals and duplicate right brake pedals with no issues.  You could probably add a third and forth set via FSUIPC with no issues.

Normally, only one pilot at a time would be pressing on a set of brakes.  And even then, if both pilots are pressing on the brakes, nothing special will happen except what you expect to have happen and that is the aircraft will slow down and or stop.

Several of us have working dual brake pedals and we worried about these same issues.  But I can tell you, if you wire each potentiometer separately to an interface card, like a Pokeys56U, Leo Bodnar card or a Arduino, you will have no issues.

The only thing that you have to absolutely make sure you get right is that the pots are all  oriented the same way.  In other words, while the brake pedals are at rest and not being pressed, the pots will read close to zero ohms.  Or you can have it reversed so that at rest, they all read close to 1K if you are using 1K pots.

If, as an example, you have the Capt's left brake set so that the pot is reading close to zero ohms at rest and the FO left brake pot is reading close to 1K ohms, the two signals will conflict and most likely your brakes will be locked up.

So no worries here.  You will have true "dual brake by wire" brake pedals!

You are right Ron !
My rudder pedals will be connected as joysticks by an arduino card.
So, if there is no input, nothing will happen!
I did a quick google , and with FSUIPC it should be no problem indeed

For the very first time I don’t mind to be behind your project progress. Looks like I’m about to learn a lot from you!

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