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Roel's Learjet 45 simulator

Finally I received Ron's blue prints for building the Lear shell yesterday so I can start my project.  I am planning to create everything myself.  I have learned a lot building a simulator with my 737 project.  Only the panels I bought because I did not want to invest in a CNC machine.

For building a Lear I HAVE to make the panels myself also.  So I ordered a cheap China CNC miller with laser head included also.  All my 737 stuff was sold within a week!!!


I cleaned up my shed and I am ready to go!


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Hi Roel,

We are looking forward to watching your Lear45 project unfold!  You are off to a great start, a clean space with tool to build it!  Your past experience with building the 737 will be very valuable while building the Lear45 sim too.

By the way, you might have noticed that I used the image link to the photo that you uploaded and put it into a image icon source code block.  This way members and visitors of the site can see your photos even if they are not logged on.   Otherwise, they can not see it.

Can't wait to see the paper plans all laid out and cutting some shell parts!

Ah ok, that is the difference with images!

Thanks Ron

I will embed my pictures like that in the future.

So my build has definitly started.

The base platform is ready , most drawings have been cut out, and the pedal assembly floor is ready too.


Also my CNC Router arrived today, very fast , all the way from China .

Can't wait to play with that too.

CNC Router


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Hey Roel,

Ron is right about members wanting to watch your progress.  You will get a lot of help if you need it and maybe help if you don't need it.  Just kidding.  At any rate we all wish you well with your new project.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have.  Many of the problems you may have, have been resolved by many of us.

Good Luck

Fortunatly i have had a few days of vacation with these holliday's.

So i am really starting off now.

Half the shell is mounted (for the first time 😉 )

The parts fit well as designed.

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Hi Roel,

Coming along nicely. It makes me remember back when I was at that level.

Just an after thought, but you still have time to make a possible change, if you want to. The wheels are the stock standard recommended ones but if you could purchase and attach slightly bigger wheels and lockable ones, then it could cover you for any foreseeable transport issues. I had to move my shell and the clearance had me bottoming out going over a slope, due to the low clearance. Also if you can get lockable wheels then it will not be prone to shift when you get on and off. Otherwise you will need to make some chocks to prevent movement.

Just a suggestion.

Mark S.


Hey mark

thanks for the tip.

well, the wheels are lockable and are made of rubber.

my floor is reasonably smooth, and i am not planning to move the shell outside of my shed, if so i have to dismount it because my door is not wide enough!

so for now i think they are ok


but tips are allways welcome 😉






My starboardside is finished too!!

So the shell starts to look like a cockpit.

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Hey Roel,

Your Lear45 shell is coming along nicely!  I remember the day I pushed up the starboard side to the port side and man, it felt like I had something.  I bet you got the same feeling when you put them together.  Now it is starting to feel like you have a Lear45 simulator to work on!  Keep up the great work and keep the updates coming.  We love seeing them!

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