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Roel's Learjet 45 simulator

Ok is starting to look like a sim now....
Sound system is installed, all is interfaced.
Not all buttons / LED's function as designed i guess; still have to study that...but... most of the Lear 45 avionics are operational!
Here is a vid of the engine startup


I have started working on my interior of the shell.
I was not sure which material to use, i have tried hardboard which i have used on the inside of the shell, but this is hard to bend and not very rigid.
So for the ceiling i used a sort of hard foam, which bends nicely and is available in several colors.

For the side panels i really struggled which way to go.
In the end i created glassfibre panels.

I discovered a glassfiber roller ( i bet you guys have it too) which is great; it tightens the fiber so you get a nice smooth surface which needs very little bondo.
Whish i noticed it when creating my shell :S



First i was planning to paint it all en add some sort of strips over the gaps in between panels (it is too difficult to create only one panel to cover it all.
But then i ordered some of then same artificial leather as i used for my glareshield.
So i covered all the panels, top and side with this leather in white (RAL 9001)  and it looks great!!, better then painting.

To cover the gap between panels i use a PE strip which i also covered with the leather.
All is mounted with M4 inserts in the shell.

I also mounted a flexible light which looks like a real one a bit.
So i am working on the captain side panel , after that the lower panels with carpet.


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Hey Roel,

Looking good!  I wish I was this far along.  I started working on the interior panels several years ago and got severely side tracked with the all new Lear45 2.0  HERE you can find a couple photos of those side panels I was working on if you want to model them a little closer to the real thing.

Here are a couple photos taken by Shane Barnes several years ago of some real panels that were salvaged out of a crashed Lear45.

It's not the best photos but at least it will give you a really good idea of what is going on with the lower "book shelf" panels.  I will say this, I just visited a real Lear45 a couple weeks ago and I was trying to take in as much as I could.  Not once did I pay any attention to the side trim panels or the lower book shelf panels.  I say that to say this, as long as you get them close, no one will notice if they happen to be a little different than the real thing.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with Roel!

Yes i saw those pictures, nothing like the real deal!
mine are different because i have my oem boeing fusepanels.

i still was not able to visit a real lear45
i know there is a company in germany who flies medical flights.
but after contacting them several times, still no luck …

oh day…

My interior is starting to look like something.
Still have to make some of the trimming on the back of the shell.
Also chairs,windows and outside views still have to be done, but the end, if that ever will be, is in sight.

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That is Awesome looking Roel!  Your sim looks like it is ready to take it for a spin.  You are getting down the the last details.  I went back and took a look at some of your shell photos and they are very impressive as well.  I am always impressed with the work you guys put into the shell especially when starting from just the paper plans.

I will say this, I am not sure if we can ever say this project is complete.  Just when you think you are nearing completion you start seeing things that you can do a little differently.  If that starts to happen to you, try to keep your sim up and running as much as possible and enjoy it.  Again, your sim looks awesome and very flyable!

Stunning images! It looks really really good Roel!

How did you mount LED strip under glare shield? To be more specific, which surface did you use to mount it on? There is an L-shaped aluminum piece screwed to the glare shield bottom surface that hides LED strip but Im curious which way LEDs are facing, towards the instruments or down?


I also have an L shaped profile mounted.
I have de LED strips facing down .


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