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I imported with the importer tool my Pf2k learjet45 model.
importing has no issues, besides there is no nice model shown in the MSFS hangar.

But after editting the model.cfg like before MSFS crashed.
When model.cfg is editted like this


The outside view is there and the interior is removed.

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hmm i do still have issues after importing the Perfect Flight Lear45.
Throttle is an issue in my case.
Must be some cfg setting, which is editable fortunatly now in beta.
For me the default Lear45 imported works fine in MSFS for now

Awesome to hear Roel!  Funny you say "for now", given time we might find it is broke again.

The throttle issue is something that everyone who has attempting to port over the Lear45 has reported.  (Unable to idle below 50% was reported by Jason.)  Hopefully this is something that the Asobo team will finally sort out for us in the next update.

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