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So a formal introduction

I have been lurking the site for a few years, signed up awhile ago and don't post a whole bunch...been collecting bits, tools etc for awhile. Got my MIP and Glare Sheild cut and bent ( used 1/16 steel because a friend had some old material lying around and got it for free...just paid for the cnc plasma cutting). Almost have my korry switches designed for 3d printing using 12mmx12mm tactile switches....just working on light-able switch caps. And next month I get a 40w laser cutter to start on the panels....will be a slow process as I dont have much time....but hoping to show some progress mid summer


Hi Jamie,

Great move making your building abilities mainly self sufficient. There are times when you may need to do some repairs so you'll have the necessary tools to build, upgrade or repair. There are times when screw drivers get dropped on panels etc., so you'll be good to go. Nothing like having the back up of Ron Rollo building a panel for you. He is the 'meister' when it comes to panel production, teamed up with Jason upgrading the Jet45 avionics to connect with arduinos.

The Flightsim Showcase videos show what we are all striving for in building. My setup is the original FDS card/ Pokeys setup. It works, but I am super excited at the changes coming up with interfacing.

Even though you are time poor at the moment, building IS your 'Man Cave' and your break from the stresses of everyday life. Put your favourite music on, kick back with a coffee, beer, whatever and voila you will end up with a simulator that will be the envy of most people on the planet. Look at it from that perspective.

I have an Oculus Rift S as well and I fly P3D. I can tell you that it has a wow factor in visuals, but I am qualified to tell you that it does not replace the simulator at all. I now just have two ways of flying....well actually three. I go flying with my simulator chief pilot, Mark Cooper, in his real Vans Rv8. Spoilt with choice here in Australia !

Just keep poking your head in and chiming in with questions or answers, as that is what makes this forum.


Mark S.

Hi Jamie, welcome to the hangar....Officially!!

Were you ever able to find suitable programs to open up the different files that I have made available?  If you are looking to build as much stuff as you can on your own, the files in the Builder Resources page will save you countless hours in research.  Not to mention skipping out on a lot of the trial and error that myself and many others have already done.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any aspect of the project, please ask here in this thread.  Or, if you are viewing a specific thread and have questions there, feel free to post there as well.  We will help get you up to speed with getting your head fully wrapped around the project.

We are looking forward to seeing some photos of your project as it starts to unfold as well.  When you get to that point, start a new thread in the Project Updates and Media page of the forum so that you can document your progress and share with others.

Mark is right, this project is a great way to escape the problems of the real world and relax for a bit.  And wait til you start flying your Lear45 sim!

I found a file viewer that will do some of the files (.dxf), but I don't like it. I really haven't looked too much into it at the moment. I am hoping to set up my workshop computer this weekend and getting all my files, research, links etc moved over to it to get everything off my big computer. I will start looking again for software that dummies can use then ( cad I find very challenging even for the simplest piece ) .lol








If it makes you feel any better, I taught myself everything I know about CAD, CAM, G-code CNC, etc...  I don't know everything about the subjects, just enough to get the projects at hand complete and in high quality.

I might have said this before but worth saying again, I do all my drawings in 2D.  These days, there are dozens of software programs that draw in 3D, which is really cool by the way!  But I have not found a real need for 3D drawing yet, and I have drawn just about everything we need in the Lear45 sim.  The nice thing about having access to 3D CAD is you can simply draw in 2D.  With the programs I use, I have no choice but to draw in 2D.  I am also old school and would still enjoy using paper and a pencil if it came to it!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you need a little help.  We will gladly help get you up to speed with your project!

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