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Roel's Learjet 45 simulator

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Nice job Roel!  I enjoy seeing what can be created using the 3D printers. So many of these options were not available to builders back when we first started the Hangar.  We definitely have many more options and tools to choose from to create parts, especially for some of the more difficult parts to replicate.

I have discovered the China PCB manufactering....
I used KiCad to create PCB's, which is great for this purpose!!
And just now received my first trials.
Very good quality as far as i can judge now.

One is for EFIS and one for the FMS (which i will change i guess)
Minimum order is 5 pcs, but that is ok

So no more milling PCB's i think...


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Yes Roel!  The pcb manufacturing is so easy and affordable I am going back and reworking everything in my build.  I am also sharing the efforts and work with others who have followed our path to this point.

Just recently I went back and updated my TQ module.  I wanted to straighten out the wiring colors and while I was at it, I updated the wire management board with pcb.  Why not, it's so easy and I have found it's cheaper and easier than working with raw clad.  Easier to solder too!

Here are a couple examples of my latest pcb work:

TQ module wire management.

WX Radar and EFIS panel pcb.

The silk screen is also a great option to take advantage of.  Now it is super easy to identify all the plugs, pins and components.

Like you, I wish I had discovered how easy it was to design and have pcb made sooner.  I wasted a lot of time, effort and money doing it the hard way.  I guess that is part of the learning experience.

If you need any help or guidance, please ask.  I don't know everything about pcb but I feel I have a pretty good handle on it.

Yes, its definately the way to go. I have been using JLCPCB for a while, and recently ordered my first flexible PCB for the curved TQ Panel, 0.12mm thick. Easy to solder components on using solder paste and a heat gun, not so easy with a soldering iron. Ron has a great setup for easy soldering.

and it really is flexible! Here it is twisted 180 degrees in the middle:

The extra wires you can see in the first photo are to fix traces I broke when soldering power wires to the PCB. I selected the wrong connector type in DipTrace, the PCB Design software, and I did not get a solid pad at that point. Should you have a need for a flexible PCB make sure you order it with a solid pad at any connector points...


Wow, I didn't know there are flexible PCB's as well to order... cool!!
I am also reworking most of  my PCB's to the manufactured PCB's
(at least the ones I can change without tearing down my sim ) 🙂


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