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P3D V6

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The table did not display correctly.

The idle temps were  35 to 45 C.

Hi all,

Well finally the announcement is made that Prepar3d V6 will be released early July.

The take home messages are  ;

1/ It will not look like MSFS.

2/ It is still backwards compatible with addons.

Further to come once it arrives and people stop speculating.

Mark S.

Hi Simmers,

Long time. As you know, I no longer have a Lear 45 Sim as I don't have the room. I do have a large commercial Sim from Real Sim Gear with 6 monitors and MSFS 2020.

But having difficulty finding cards to run so many monitors. Found a solution for myself.

WidevieW allows Sims to run on separate computers connecting thru Ethernet (outside work or home groups) and Simconnect.

I am using a client for outside views on 3 32" TVs. The server runs the flight, instrument monitors (3) , and control surface hardware.

If you all are still struggling with P3D, FSX, MSFS, to use the Lear aircraft, this product allows mix and match of Sims. The author runs FSX on the server and MSFS 2020 on the client.

If you all are using P3D V6 or now V6, you can run your outside views on a client with MSFS 2020 external views taking advantage of its scenery and photo realism.

Best wishes and good luck.

PS - and can download manual with a "wideview users guide" search.

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