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Lear45 YouTube Video Links!

(Original thread started on 07-08-09 by Eric Tomlin)

I was talking to Jason of Flight Deck Soft the other night and we were talking about LJ45 videos and how they can sometimes be helpful determining some details for our projects.


Some of these give a good idea of cockpit noise level ( blissful sound to us builders!) and others just some raw footage of the flight deck. One of these finally confirmed the Autopilot Disconnect sound and I was thrilled to find it. Enjoy, and if you find anything of value please feel free to point it out and/or post a link to another video you think is helpful as well.


Great Autopilot Disconnect Sound:


GPWS sounds plus reverse thrust sound levels:


Great sound samples of the GPWS radar altimeter's last few feet:


Pilot likes to wear his control column in his lap:


Lear45 landing from copilot point of view:


Great Lear45 video from takeoff to landing:


Here's one for Ron since he's always talking about flying low:


I would never fly with this guy:


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 07-09-09)

Nice video of a L45 landing / takeoff at a smaller airfield:


(Posted by Ricardo Carvalho on 08-08-09)

Really cool video of a Lear45!:



(Posted by Eric Williams on 09-11-09)

I found this video using an EFB coming in on final:


Take off and landing video.  FO turns off DU1, DU3 and DU4 at 8:55 in video:


Throttle up at the end sounds pretty sweet!:


Overhead view of flight and landing no sound:


Another great flight and landing with good music:


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 09-25-16)

Approach and Landing into Grand Cayman:


If you have Lear45 videos that you would like to share, please post under this thread!


(Posted by Maciej M. on 12-24-16)

Found this video few months ago, It is Lear 40 but in HD and engine start sound is so far the best I found. Please make sure to use headphones to fully enjoy the sound part.


Great flight deck warning and advisory sounds:


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 12-24-16)

I shared this video a couple weeks ago with Ron. A lot of information relating to flight deck sounds especially the fire warning and aux hydraulics sounds. We have some work to do to implement these sounds.

A great overview of Learjet45 with a narrator with a bit of a sense of humor!

Ferrari of the Sky IN ACTION!

One of the best Lear45 reference videos that we have found to date. (Thanks Jason!)

Over one hour of detailed video from several different reference points covering everything from preflight to post flight operations.

Great video!

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