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Let me introduce myself! (Geno Roof)

(Original thread started on 09-13-13 by Genoroof)

Hi guys!  I figured it was high time that I introduce myself; my name is Geno and have been lurking around this site for a number of months now! Taking notes, reading various tutorials and just plain being awe struck at what is being built by everyone. BRAVO!!


I have been putting off my build for many years now but, after reading Ron’s step by step build of his shell my passion was reignited. (Thanks Ron, I think!) Last week I received my first box of stuff and looking forward to the process of starting with just some sketches, notes and various ideas to having something that I can actually touch and operate.


I’m going to take the slow road at first so my plane is:

Step 1 -Start with a couple of pre-made panels and build a center pedestal. This way I can learn how to program the FSUIPC and get my wood working skills back up to par. Also work on my electrical wiring knowledge.


Step 2 – Start buying the I/O boards and make (try) my own panels and various things. Again after seeing what everyone had “made from scratch” I feel good that I can get it done. With a little help from you guys!


Step 3 – Show up on Ron’s door step with a brief case full of cash and take his sim home!!


By the time I get to this step one will be fully engulfed with frustration. Richmond Hill, GA isn’t far from Jacksonville!! (Just kidding) by the time I get to this stage I will be wanting build the full shell with all the bells and whistles. I should have enough knowledge and skills to make this happen. So after work it’s off to the home center to pick up some MDF and get this journey started!!


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 09-13-13)

Hi Genoroof!  It sounds like you have a "sound" plan. Your past the hardest part of the build, selecting an aircraft to model and having a plan of attack. The other thing that you don't have to worry about at this stage is wondering if that or this is possible, because at this point, there is a very short list of things that have not been thought through.


I have always said that this is a do it your self project but with help from others. Although the more time that passes, the more things are being made available by various members and vendors.


Welcome to the club and it sounds like your close enough to make a trip down when ever your ready. You can email me about that.


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 09-13-13)

Hi Geno, I've seen you visiting the site here for many months and it's good to finally get an idea of who you are! And, if you've not realized it yet, you are even closer to myself- we are located near Waycross- about 1.8 hours from Richmond Hill or 1 hour due west from Brunswick. Also, there's another builder that may just be down the road from you- Mike Badger. He also lives in Richmond Hill. He goes by the handle of "GlexPilot" here at the Hangar.


Welcome aboard, and let us know if we can be of any help to you.


(Posted by Genoroof on 09-13-13)

Ron – I appreciate the words of encouragement!  I just might take you up on the offer. I go through JAX about three times a year too see my dad down in the Villages.


Eric – I pass through your town least six time a year going to Valdosta. Got a gold pass to Wild Adventures. Got to have some family fun!! Also thanks for the tip about Mike.


By the way, the company that I work for has two Learjets. They have a 45 and 31. I’m not part of the “executive” club that gets to fly on them but if they fly I fly the sim rout. Hopefully one day soon I’ll get into that club. Now it's off the the work shop!!


(Posted by Mike Badger on 09-16-13)

Hi Geno, I just read your post and it was nice to see you where in Richmond Hill too. I am literally right down the road off from Belfast River Rd. We will have to get together one night! Shoot me an email


(Posted by Randy Buchanan on 09-18-13)

Hey Geno, Welcome to the club. Your plan is a good one for you. And since you have been on our site, and my hope is you will still be able to find the help you need. We will all do our best to answer any questions you may have or direct you to thread which may also help. By the way has anyone tried the new Attachments feature? Geno maybe you can post a picture of your first panel when you put it together. That would be cool. Again welcome and good luck to you.


(Posted by Terry Collins on 09-28-13)

Welcome Geno! The more you become involved in the project, the more your enthusiasm will build, and probably the level of detail you want to achieve. Like many here I am wanting to rebuild certain parts because I feel I can do a better job. Look forward to seeing some pictures posted, I really enjoy seeing the progress that others make.

I regret to have to inform everyone that our friend Geno Roof has passed away suddenly due to a work related accident on April 25th 2018.  I never had the opportunity to meet Geno but from what I knew of him, he was one of the good guys with a big heart.  Please keep Geno and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

There is a brief news story found here:


You can leave a message for Geno's family and friends here:


Rest in peace Geno Roof

1967 - 2018

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