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Hello Lear Simmers (Dave Simmons)

(Original thread started on 05-29-12 by Dave Simmons)

I may be a pariah to this community – not a purist.  I was a Navy Aviator and flew S-3B Vikings. Upon retirement I became interested in Microsoft Flight Sim and have been using it since before the internet. As I have flown as co-pilot on several Navy aircraft including the A-6 Intruder and C-21A Lear (Lear 35A), I have found the Lear 35 cockpit to be one of the most elegant cockpits to fly.


As I love the aircraft, I am building a hybrid cockpit. A Lear 35 MIP with a center console but with the throttles on the left and a joystick. I use the S-3A Viking airframe and flight characteristics. That way I can continue carrier operations and enjoy the elegance and comfort of the Lear (The S-3A is outdated and a bit cramped).


I have built a rudimentary S-3A out of plywood and 6 monitors. (3 for Runway, 2 for my developed S-3B Panels and 1 for Flight Sim). I used GoFlight and Saitek avionics. Now on to a real cockpit.


(Posted by Randy Buchanan on 05-29-12)

Hey Dave, welcome to the club. It is always a joy to have club members who have actually flown a Lear, because that way we can drive you nuts with all kinds of questions about your experience and your existing sim. One of the things that occurred to me was you were apart of the "best of best and we can make you better". The members of this club are very good at different areas of expertise and are here to help you with your new build or add or change your existing one. I think we all enjoy seeing pictures of what you have and showing pictures of how we are doing different aspects of our builds.


Eric is our web master and can answer any questions about how to do things on the site as well as all kinds of things about panels and switches. Ron is our founder and fearless leader going places where no man has gone before. You will see what mean as you get to know him and us. You will see there are lots of wonderful folks in the club who have the same love for the Lear and are dedicated to making an exact replica of the Lear45.


Don't worry about being an outcast we have room for all kinds "other idea's too" I may fit that label and I am still here. There really are different ways to things which are neither right or wrong just different. We are currently working thru ways of making the dual yoke set up which will be a success but it take time and effort to reach that end.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 05-29-12)

Welcome to the Hangar!  Good to see a fellow sub hunter too! You have found the right place to help with your Lear45 project. If you have any questions please ask! We have several members here eager to help and guide you in the right direction.


(Posted by Mark Speechley on 06-08-12)

Welcome and great to have you on board. Our group of members are rapidly expanding and we are from all over the world. I am from Australia.The only draw back to that is that in the U.S.A is where a lot of out parts come from so you'll have a 'head start' on some of us.  Good luck and remember that building the sim will be probably more of the fun than actually finishing it.


(Posted by Terry Collins on 07-08-12)

Welcome on board ! Sounds like you have some fairly unique flying experience there. I am a relatively new member here, but have found the site and people here very helpful on this project. Hope you enjoy the ride!


I have recently subscribed to Prepar3D and am convinced this is the way forward. It's built on the FSX base and many of the code writers from MS are now working on developing this excellent program. I have found the graphics to be superior, flying more realistic and above all it is more stable on the latest PC hardware.

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