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Hated to create a whole new topic.

But...  Hello everyone!  Gerard 'G' Pfister here from Jacksonville where I can TP Ron's house at any time!  I worked with Ron for a long time and was excited for him to finally retire and I am only 14 months behind him at this time.  With that said, I do not have a Sim project in the works but I have always wanted to get the pilot credentials and finally decided to put that in the works.  I have always had the flying bug but having neither the time nor the money always left it on the back burner.

I truly had no idea of the complexity of what Ron always talked about and I am amazed at the progress he has made.  Not to mention looking at some of the other members' projects.  Just amazing!

I hope to get a first hand look at Ron's project soon! Hint, Hint!

Good luck to all and I will be looking forward to seeing all the progress.



Hey G, so glad you finally stopped by to check things out!

(As G mentioned, we worked together on the local sheriff's office for 20 plus years.  G was also the guy who helped guide me in the direction of using Word Press to replace our old website.  Solid advise!)

Anytime you want to stop by and check things out is fine with me.  But I will warn you, the sim is in a million pieces right now as I am developing systems and upgrades for version #2.  Version #1 was incredible but as we all build our sims, we sometimes we later discover that we should have done things a little differently which leads to a major overhaul!

I hope to have my sim up and running within a year (or right about the time you are retiring) with all the upgrades.  Anytime you wanna come over and fly it your more than welcome.  My wife Michelle would appreciate it because she hates it when I drag her from up off the couch to come fly with me!

In the meantime, browse around the hangar and all the threads to get a good idea of some of the stuff we are doing.  I'll be seeing you soon!

A big welcome to you Gerard (G),

I don't know if you realise, but this forum and it's members extend around the planet. There are a few of us Learjet 'Meisters' here in Australia, a place I expect you to visit in your upcoming retirement ! We would not be in this hobby if it was not for Ron ( and a few others you would not know).

I WARN you, that, when you go to Ron's when his sim is up and running, you will get the bug. It bites hard and you will want what we've got as it is one of the best man hobbies you can have in your man cave. I kid you not, people come to my man shed and see my Learjet and their jaws hit the floor. I turn it on and they did not know that anything existed in the world like it.

I had two of my best mates, ( both crash test dummies), around last night, for a night of beer, slate table pool and sheer exhilaration and terror of landing at 20 airports around the world in various weather themes. Where else I ask, can you go to a mates place and get that sort of entertainment ?

The picture on the front of the Forum above the Facebook logo is my sim. That was an older picture and is a lot more advanced now since that was taken. My co-pilot is flying into Wellington, New Zealand at dusk. Picture your friend, wife, neighbour, whomever is sitting next to you and you cooly say, " Where would you like to fly to ? ". That is what it is like and just highlights what a magnificent hobby we have.

If you want a taste, just buy Prepar3d for about US $60 and a  joystick and have a try at what we do. There should also be a 737 or Airbus commercial simulator for you to try in Jacksonville or surrounds, you can hire for an hour or so to get the real feel for it.  But I warn you again, you'll get hooked and it will help fill in your retirement.

So jump on board and be grateful that one of the best flight simulator artisans in the world is your mate and lives around the corner, to get you up and flying.


Mark S.

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