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After looking at this and Ron's site I have decided to build a Lear 45 simulator

I have built a 737 cockpit, only not the exterior shell.
Since a moved 2,5 years ago to a new house I have limited space to continue the 737 cockpit.
(My room is 23 ft x 15 ft)

Since I do like building and flying simulators I have decided to discontinue my 737 and start a Learjet cockpit build.  The Learjet takes up much smaller space than the 737 and will fit perfectly in my shed.

It is a pity of all the effort (4 years) and money I have put into the 737.
But looking at a big heap of 737 stuff in my shed is no fun either.

I am going to order the blue prints from Ron and keep you all informed about my progress.




Welcome to the Hangar officially Roel!  I must say that having to choose between a Boeing 737 and a Lear45 is nothing new.  I think everyone here in this group has had to make that decision.  My goal over the next year or so is to make that decision easier!  (More on that later)

As I pointed out to you in an email, we have several guys who have built their Lear45 shells from the paper plans.  Once you get going with it, start yourself a build thread in the Projects and Media forum and if you have questions about the process, post them there and we will answer those questions for you.

Again, welcome to the Hangar Roel!

Welcome Roel,

I too had the initial thought of building a 737, but after talking with members in this forum I was convinced to build the Lear. I proceeded to build from Ron's plans as posting large inventory to Australia was prohibitive.

Now I have a wonderful Lear cockpit that I am immensely proud of and have many, many hours of enjoyment with friends or solo. If you look at the home page you will see a picture of a cockpit on the left and that is an earlier picture of mine. I always made a rule to keep flying whilst I was building as it keeps the enthusiasm going. You never know what other life's problems get thrown at you so use the building as a break and something that you enjoy.

Once again 'Welcome' and as you progress let us know, as Ron suggested, we are here to help.



Mark S. and Mark C. (co-builder)



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Welcome Roel.

I think you will enjoy the Lear very much as it opens up more strips you can land on.
As for people,  I don't know how it was with the 737 community, but this is a very friendly group with experienced builders with excellent advice.

Welcome again.


Greetings Roel!

It is a great place to build a sim. BEST... if you planning on making Lear45! We hope you stick with us forever and join the fleet. Feel free to ask any questions. They will be answered using our best available knowledge.

Welcome aboard!


Thanks guys for the warm welcome.

I have been in quite a few 737 forum's , but what i read and see in  here i do like very much.

Real helpfull enthusiasastic people with passion .

I can't wait to get started, and someday a L45 simulator will exist in The Netherlands!


Welcome aboard Roel.  As others have already said, you'll find good people and excellent help with your Lear 45 here on Hangar 45.  Very nice to make your acquaintance.


Hi Roel,

Welcome to the Hangar!   A lot of information and knowledge here at the Hangar if you are building the Lear 45!  If you have any questions take a look thru the forum. If you don't find what you are needing just ask and most likely someone will have the answer or point you in the right direction.  Can't wait to see a new build start!


Shane  L45-007





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