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Flaps Indicate 9 and 21 Degrees in Jet45

(Original thread started on 02-02-15 by Ron Rollo)

If your using Jet45 AAS you have probably noticed that the flaps indicate 0, 9, 21 and 40 degrees.  The 9 should indicate 8 and the 21 should be 20.  I discovered a fix for this and it is incredibly simple! Go into your aircraft .cfg file and change your 8 to 7.5 and your 20 to 19.5. I copied my [flaps 0] part of the .cfg file so you can see what I did. See below:



type = 1 // 1 - tail, 2 - lead

span-outboard = 0.8 // 0.0 .. 1.0

extending-time = 5 // seconds

flaps-position.0 = 0 // degrees

flaps-position.1 = 7.5 // degrees

flaps-position.2 = 19.5 // degrees

flaps-position.3 = 40 // degrees

damaging-speed = 250 // KIAS

blowout-speed = 300 // KIAS


Basically all we are doing is tricking the sim into displaying 0,8,20 and 40 degrees of flap. The amount of change will not effect the flight characteristics. Another bug fixed!


(Posted by Alan Norris on 02-02-15)

Wow, this is ingenious! What got you thinking to look in this direction? I'll print that out and take it upstairs and give it a try.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 02-02-15)

Thanks Alan. Saturday morning I printed out the Aircraft .cfg file and was just looking through it line by line in an attempt to learn something and saw this and wondered if it would work.


As a matter of fact, I am going to try a value of 19.5 instead of 19. 19.5 should work also but get us another .5 degree closer to specs. The other thing that I need to do is look at the aircraft from spot plane view just to double check and make sure the flaps are still moving as they should. I can't see why they would not.



I tried a value of 19.5 and it also works. Now both the 8 degrees and 20 degrees of flaps are within a half degree which should not be a problem. I updated the FLAPS .cfg file in the first post.


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 02-03-15)

Hey guys, I changed the flap values per Ron's suggestion and can verify that the flaps displaying and are dropping as they should. This seems to have corrected the incorrect value showing in JET45. Thanks for the update Ron.


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 02-05-15)

I spoke with Jason about this yesterday. He said that the issue stems from the fact that FSX is not actually setting an integer value for flaps in the same way as FS9 does (because this does not occur with FS9) and therefore JET45 rounds the value up (or down) to the next value since it doesn't display non-integers for the flap value. Remember, JET45 simply shows the value that the sim sends to it. To test this, start up with another aircraft and you will see all sorts of different engine values on your EICAS.


So FSX for some reason sends a different flap value out of the sim (0,9,21,40) vs 0,8,20,40 as it should. Ron's work around seems to be a great fix for this issue!


(Posted by Mark Speechley on 02-05-15)

This fix works great for me. I am using P3D V2.3.


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