We are proud to introduce our first Featured Projects and builders!


Here you will be able to see at a glance some of our most advanced Hangar 45 projects and the builders behind those fantastic Lear45 Simulators!  In the future as more builders and their flightdecks come on line and approach 80% or better completion, we will add them to this distinguished list of Featured Projects!



Ron Rollo's Project L45-002
The Project45 Flagship Learjet45 Simulator!

Ron Rollo is located in Jacksonville Florida USA and is happily married to his wife Michelle.  Ron and Michelle have a son Christopher, a late son Zack who passed away in May 2016 and a daughter Morgan.  They also has a grandson Jett, who really loves flight simulation, he just does not know it yet!   Ron is currently at the end of his professional law enforcement career after 25 years with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  Ron is the owner and administrator of Hangar45.net and his personal project website, Project45.us

The seeds to build a full scale flight simulator were planted back in the early 1990’s when he served in the USNR and was a crewman on the P3-C Orion aircraft.  In 2007 after about two years of planning and research, he decided to build a Learjet 45 by taking a much different approach than every other builder across the flight sim community.  Ron decided to immerse into the simulation experience by starting with the outside creating a full size fiberglass cockpit shell as close to the real dimensions as possible!  Visit his website Project45.us to see his L45 shell and the latest progress.

Ron is best known in the flight simulator community for his incredible talents with modeling, scaling and working on an issue until it is either solved or proven impossible to solve.  His attention to detail and ability to work through problems comes from his model building and his military background.  Ron realized early on that a hobby project of this magnitude could not be achieved on his own which is why he has dedicated so much time into building a community of like minded Lear45 flight simulator builders.  Information sharing is key!  In addition to laying the foundations to the Lear45 sim community, he has also scaled out the Lear45 flight deck to as close to one to one scale as possible and shared that information here in the hangar!                                            

Ron has designed, built and made available to our Hangar 45 members countless key parts to the Lear45 simulator.  Everything from the fiberglass shell, interior structural parts, control columns, back lit panels and other misc parts and products.  Ron owns a CNC and does all of the drawing, programming, cutting and finishing work himself.  Only the laser engraving is sent out to a third party specialty shop!  The goal for the past ten years and for many years into the future is to build the best Lear45 simulator possible and to continue make parts and products available for our Hangar 45 community!

To take a look at the current computer specs in L45-002 click HERE




Shane Barnes' Project L45-007
The most Advanced Lear45 Project in the World!





Mark Speechley's Project L45-012
The Down Under Australia Lear45 Project!





Maciej Muranowski's Project L45-013
The Cleanest start to a Lear45 sim you have ever seen!



Additional Featured Projects will be added to this page once we get Hangar45 fully established!



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