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Learjet 45 Flightsim Showcase

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Hey, like that is all I said Mark.

What a great video, what fun to fly your own Lear45 anywhere you can think of and see what it looks like to go there.  Your sim really great.  I guess the goal is to be in a sim which is as close to the real plane as possible and have all the controls work just like a real plane.  For me, being able to fly the thing, in the thing, is such a joy and so when you are talking with someone I end up saying things like "yeah I just flew into Telluride in our Lear45 jet today"  and folks don't quite know what that means.  Is it real?  Well it is to us.  Because if you don't do what you are suppose to do you crash and no serious sim driver ever whats that.  It is not a game.

Anyway Mark I wanted to ask you what you have set up for your out of the window view.  Is yours like Ron's with a screen and projectors?

Ron says I need to send some pictures of my sim to show some of the things that are possible, maybe not needed, but are fun and add to the immersion process. I have a door with stairs and a small cabin with seats.

By the way for all new members who don't know me I, like Ron and Mark and older members are here to help.  It takes time to build one of these things.  I have always had something to fly while building the finish product to keep interested.  It can be one or two screens and a simple yoke.

All for now, more later I hope


Slick video Mark !  Like what I see, and gives me motivation and inspiration to get my sim flying by the end of this year.

As long as you're not pulling our chains and that's a real Learjet you're in there !

Thanks Randy, Terry and everyone else.

The hardest bit is  "Where I am going to fly to this time and what weather ? ".

Your questions, Randy, about the actual screen setup is really part of the 'meat and potatoes', with the build. I have three BenQ 1080p short throw projectors. They are not worth a cracker without warping software and in my case is Fly Elise Immersive Display. You could go cheap and use the built in P3D Viewgroups, but you may find the stress, if things go awry, is not worth it.

I'll make a behind the scenes video for everyone, so it is in the queue to be done soon.

I'm busy amassing the raw footage for the next extravaganza, so stay tuned.


Mark S.

Hey Mark,

So now that you are done with your sim, you are becoming a videographer.  I think a pretty good one.  I wonder what is the best way to show all stuff we like.  Getting a good look out the window, where you are going, like is that the airport or maybe not.  But you want to see what the instruments are saying like is this a good approach speed or am I on the glide slope or ILS correctly.   There are some good video of flights out there. I will do some looking and maybe recommend some.  We have a lot of neat ways to show flights that real plane video does not have.  More later.


To all the Hangar 45 members,

Here is the next installment of our working cockpit series of videos. This time we have chosen Florida, not least because a number of members will be happy to see their home state, but that we are showcasing ORBX  True Earth Florida for visuals.

This is Prepar3d V5.3 HF2 with Enhanced Atmospherics  (EA) turned ON. We also have REX SkyForce with LIVE weather engine turned ON.

So you will notice a few technical issues for the eagle eye.

The hazy and blueish sky is due to the EA turned on, but in reality is closer to real than turned OFF and clear for 90 miles.

There will be some video that will not be in sync.

The occasional flash of the centre screen is due to the ATC window opening and closing on the right hand screen.

The weather abruptly changing occasionally is due to REX updating the closest live weather station data. Live weather that day was for storms.

The Flight plan was for KJAX to the Bahamas. However, just before arriving at the Bahamas the weather updated to a whiteout and the airfield was closed to all traffic ! We condensed the video therefore to the first stop at Cape Canaveral, which still worked out to 5:45 which was enough.

Anyway enjoy and just keep building. We want to see everyone else's videos !


Mark S & Mark C.

Great video Mark!  Love seeing my home airport of KJAX in action.  I was just telling Michelle we need to take a trip down to Cape Canaveral.  I better not show her this video then.  LOL

Your sim looks like it is performing very well by the way.  Keep the videos coming!

Hey Mark and Ron,

Agree better not show it to Michelle,  because your next video will be looking out the window of your corvette, driving down the road to Cape Canaveral.  So we all become better at doing videos, I have an example by a really nice guy who a national guard jet pilot, and is now a business man flying his own jet something close to Lear45, solo all over the country.  He teaches what he is doing as a part of the flight and some of the controllers know him as well.  This is the address if anyone wants to watch it:

He does some fun stuff.  Let us know what you think.

Talk at you Randy

Hey Mark, I'm trying to decide which is better - your flying skills or your video editing skills. Excellent work!

Thanks Terry,

Mark C. is the Captain on most of these flights and is also the real pilot of the flight crew. He owns and built his own Vans RV8. He also has his non current commercial rating, so he is a very important part of the team. He loves the challenge of IFR flying.

The Video is done using a GoPro Hero4, 2 clones and an iPhone 12. The editing is done using Video Studio 2019. I am also experimenting adding external camera views of the Lear utilising Nvidia In-game overlay which is so far looking very promising. It is also at the right price of $0. Making the videos is really alot of work, especially the syncing, but it is my contribution to giving back to the Forum and the members, and is actually quite a bit of fun.

I would not have my wonderful  Lear simulator if it were not for Mark C. and the founding members of the Forum...................oh and I nearly forgot, my inheritance from my mother and the exchange rate at the time !

I am recovering (using that term very loosely ) most likely from Influenza A ( covid test was negative ) and so I ventured out to the  shed this afternoon to cough somewhere different. One thing led to another and I couldn't help checking all the computers were working with their various updates. Well then, I just had to have a sneaky little flight by myself, coz I can, just to confirm the updates hadn't caused mayhem as some have done in the past.

So I did a quick one hour flight from Lhasa Gonggar Airport ( you would all know from the Dalai Llama ).

Here is an official Youtube FSX video to give you an idea of the surroundings.

Then doing a circuit of  Mt Everest, then over Lukla and landing at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International. I cannot convey to any of you just how magnificent it is if you purchase Aerosoft Mount Everest Extreme and as I have 3 projectors, to convey the majestic views. I would imagine MSFS 2020 will be a jump up again.

I put the waypoints into the FMS on the CDU, got to 35,000 ft, turned the autopilot on, then got out, made a coffee, coughed my guts out and then, kicked back and enjoyed the view. THANKYOU JASON.

So, to finish up, it won't be long and you'll all start joining me for flights. You will see places in the world you would never normally go and see. You have the BEST hobby anyone could dream of because of it's potential.

Regards to you all and a special cheerio to my old mate Randy who has been around the Hangar longer than me !

Mark S.


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