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Learjet 45 Flightsim Showcase


G'day Hangar 45 members,

I am pleased to present the latest 'Showcase' movie. It is a wonderful legendary WWII story about the German atomic bomb program. At Vemork in Norway, a hydro power station was converted to produce 'heavy water', a vital component in atomic bomb manufacture. This is the scene of the one of the greatest sabotage exploits that could've altered the war.


Mark S.

Outstanding video Mark and Mark!  All of them are incredible!  We all appreciate everyone's work that goes into these short videos showcasing the Lear45 sim.  Thanks guys!

On a side note, the floating buildings bugged the heck out of me three years ago when I was using Prepard3D V2.4.  I can't believe it is still an issue today!  When I was reading up on it back then, anytime you are flying low between high elevation on both sides, the graphics card, for some reason has a hard time grounding the buildings.  It only effects the add on scenery buildings from what I recall.  If you note in your video, about 10 percent of the buildings are grounded.

Reloading the scenery might correct it.  If memory serves me correctly, if you start the flight at the nearby airport, the buildings are grounded, but when you return, they are floating.  A good place to see this effect is at Skagway Alaska USA.  You have to of course have the Orbix add on scenery for that area.

Loved the video and editing work!

Thanks Ron,

The videos are our pleasure and our little contribution to give back to the members for a wonderful hobby.

The floating buildings can be temporarily fixed usually by pausing and then reloading the scenery library. If that does not work then you may have a scenery loaded with elevation data that is interfering with your main mesh. Basically you need to untick half of the scenery library, then swap with the other half, gradually ticking each box until you find the offending scenery. A time saver is to leave the ORBX files alone and only concentrate on third party scenery. This can be a very time consuming method. Once found you can rename its bgl to bgloff, instead of deleting.

Another fix can be changing the mesh from say 1m to 5m. I fly most of the world and I must say that I don't often see floating buildings. When I do I see them, they're more of a novelty and not a mood killer for me anyway. Yes, Skagway was/is pretty consistent, but the scenery reload usually sorts it.

The two pilots for this mission, Brenton and Mark, are real world pilots anyway. I think they were just in awe from flying the Learjet, even regardless of what is out the window. You have to love those lit up main instrument panels supplied by Ron ( and Eric in my case) and the wonderful Jet45 avionics from Jason.

Cheers and already making headway in the editing for the next mission.

Mark S.

Hi all,

Well here is our latest video. We had a few visiting crew members this time to do most of the flying.

The premise of this flight was to fly over Deal Island in Bass Strait, between Tasmania and the Australian mainland.

In 1943 an Airspeed Oxford was on an anti-submarine patrol and sighted a ship in a cove at Deal Island. On diving on the 'ship' for a closer look it turned out to be an old partially sunken wreck, the 'SS Karitane'. Upon pulling out of the dive, a steep climb was required but due to the winds forced the Oxford into the side of the hill 400 yards below the lighthouse. All four aircrew were killed instantly.

We leave Hobart, landing at Launceston. Then fly and land at Flinders Island. Track then to Deal Island and then continue on finishing at the Latrobe Valley. For those who may be interested in reproducing part of the flight, ORBX provides Tasmania for free.

If  anyone is needing any incentive to keep building then these videos should confirm that we have the best fun. This video was heavily edited for size and time constraints. Trying to land a Lear jet on Deal Island, on a strip that is real world closed, has lots of birds and is not straight is a challenge, but Coop did it. Well done. But maybe it had something to do with flying  into the bush strips in Papua New Guinea. Again, Thank you ORBX.

I hope this video does some justice to the memories of the brave airmen.


Mark Cooper and Mark Speechley


Hi Fellow Members,

Well this is my next attempt to upload our latest video. The first one was blocked in the U.S. so with modifications we'll have another go.

This next video is the NSA Mission. This flight consisted of three legs with tasks for each. The last leg culminates in a night flight to Area 51.

The whole point of these videos is, apart from fun for the aircrew,  is to 'showcase'the Lear 45. All that time building is shown here with the fruits of your reward. The original reason we chose to build the Learjet was because of so many more airports that you can land at. This video is a prime example of not being able to use a very commonly built 737 for the task.

Please enjoy as we did.

Mark, Mark and Peter.


Hi everybody.

Time for an updated video from the Australian boys.

This is just a short video of about 2 minutes to showcase the many videos we have made in our library. This again, just highlights the fun you will have when you finally have your build advanced enough to fly. I made sure I kept flying all the way through to focus on why I was doing all the building !

Hope you enjoy this short compendium of videos. Remember to expand to full screen.

Mark S., Mark C. and Peter N.

Hey Mark,

Great camera and editing work!  I really enjoyed watching the short complication of screen shots and snips.  It is very motivating and really showcases the project!  Keep the missions and videos coming!

Hi all,

Here is the next video from the Pacifica flight crew.

This is a search and rescue mission from RAAF East Sale responding to a Mayday call from a light aircraft near Mallacoota in Victoria, Australia. Watch how the story unfolds. The crew on the flight deck did not know how their day was going to develop into something they did not expect.

Enjoy and marvel at what your simulator can achieve.


Mark S., Mark C.  & Peter N.


Hi fellow members,

Here is a short, new video showcasing what can be done when your simulator is functional.

I flew mine without a shell from the getgo so expanding your scenery presents some exciting and exotic destinations.

This flight is to showcase/commemorate the terrible tragedy of White Island in New Zealand.

Mark S., Mark C. & Peter N.



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