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Since my sim is not operational yet i did some more FS2020 testing on the several networked sim computers.
I used the Cessna Citation for testing and , indeed the Jet45 software runs smooth on a networked PC with the beta FSUIPC7.
Mobiflight also has a FS2020  update, this also works!

I am amazed , apart from the accuracy as a sim , FS 2020 runs very smooth on my 3 years old pc with i5 processor and Gforce GTX 1060 3gb videocard!
After the latest patch, even flying over NYC runs smooth now.
(Prepar3d v5 won't run on it anymore due to videocard mem )
What is a pitty my home airport EHEH isn't available in FS2020, weird it is the second airport of the Netherlands .

So, hope the Lear45 aicraft will be available soon...and i will use FS2020 for my Lear45 sim.

I was looking at multi-monitor support in MSFS2020 and as of this moment it's not there. I'm hoping it will eventually finds its way, since I'm about to start building my visual system for 3 projectors and this will play major factor.

I was playing around with this yesterday and FS2020 will span multiple monitors in windowed mode with little loss of performance. Not sure if all video cards can do this though.  May be an option, but would need to check if screen warping software can work with that format.

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

I think this is how several of us did it in FXS/P3D...."Windowed mode".  If that is the case, nothing new there.

I used a TrippleHead2Go unit that tricks the video card into thinking I have a 3840 X 1024 display by using three 1280 X 1024 projectors.  A new sim this beautiful has got to have a way to achieve this, even if it is a work around solution to tap into a wider field of view using something like a Tripple Head 2Go.  We also used a "Window Maker spread sheet" to help create the cfg file for our outside visuals.  It worked well but hopefully there is or will be a built in feature to help configure the displays for the outside world.

I might have to get a copy and start plying around with it.  If nothing else, I will be helping to support the new FS2020 community.  (I have past birthday credits I need to cash in anyway! LOL)

Most videocards support multiple monitor spanning for gaming.
My old Nvidia one which i used on fsx had the eyefinity Option which worked great with 3 projectors or monitors for outside view.


Good topic as it will involve almost all of us.

Unfortunately this initial version of MSFS is the problem, not the warping companies. You can warp but with limitations, as the blog will explain.

You just have to keep checking their site.

Here you go.

Microsoft Flight Simulator MSFS 2020

Fly well,


I stumbled upon these guys:

Lots of free scenery and mods for FS2020 (including my home airport EHEH 🙂  )

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