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The “New Lear Guy” (Justin Fletcher)

(Original thread started on 06-10-10 by Justin Fletcher)

Hey Guys, I've been scoping out the forums for about a month now and finally started my build. I thought I would go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Justin I'm 25 from Tallahassee, FL. I have my PPL with instrument privileges and a few other add ons. I graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University back in 2008 with BS in Aeronautical Science. I worked for about 12 months with CitationShares as a Flight Coordinator. I'm Currently employed with Florida Highway Patrol in Communications.


In college I worked at Flightline, the FBO in Tallahassee, FL and fell in love with Corporate aviation. Everyday I would fuel Citations, LearJets, Challengers, and Hawkers. I initially wanted to build a Citation Sovereign cockpit however, I realized there was a lack of resources for that air frame. Once I found Hangar45 it sealed the deal and I realized building a Lear 45 cockpit was feasible.


I look forward to sharing ideas with you guys...I'll post pictures and updates in the "Project Update" forum.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 06-06-10)

Hey Justin, Welcome to the Hangar! Your gonna love this place.


I had no idea you were so close to Jacksonville Florida. On day, you need to take a trip out this way and check out L45-002 and Eric's sim, L45-003 just up in Georgia.


Working for the FHP is cool too. I think I told you I work for the JSO here in Jacksonville. Shane Barnes is also a member of law enforcement up in Kentucky.  Looking forward to seeing your progress on your build!


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 06-06-10)

Hey Justin, Welcome to the Hangar. Looking forward to photos of your progress. I started out my LE career at a city police department working communications. . not an easy job at all. I currently work as a LEO for the State Police in Kentucky, good to have you along.


(Posted by Mark L. on 06-06-10)

Welcome to the group! Don't forget, it's mandatory to post pics on your progress so the rest of us can watch! As you might of read and commented, a lot of items/issues have been worked out or currently being worked on by other members.


(Posted by Will Sasse on 06-07-10)

Welcome Justin, starting to sound like a spin-off group here. I did rather a large number of years in uniform with our state law enforcement here too, until I got serious about flying. I miss all the free time that I used to be able to arrange in that old job! Barely got time to think now that I'm flying full time. I look forward to watching your build, plenty of good help here.


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 06-07-10)

Hey Justin, good to see you here. It's neat to read your story- that's one of the nice things about the Hangar- our sense of community.


You and I have a very similar beginning with wanting to "go corporate". I had been planning on building a 737NG for a few years and over time that dream began to fade due to money, etc. and then one day while on a business trip to Tallahassee I was given flight line access on the bench out front at the same FBO (if it's the one with the cub hanging inside!) and that was the day the idea to build a business jet was borne.


A year later I returned for the same business purpose and I knew that afternoon I was making a bee-line to the same FBO since they had been so friendly and let me out on the bench a year prior. As soon as I sit down, a guy comes up on a golf cart and asks me if I'm waiting on a particular aircraft to arrive. I told him "No, but I am hoping that a Learjet 45 is going to be making it here sometime over the afternoon, would you know?" and he said he'd check and so he goes off and checks the computer for IFR flight plans inbound and sure enough, a LJ45 was inbound and due for arrival in 40 minutes. After he saw the excitement on my face, he then took it upon himself to ask the crew if I could visit the flightdeck once their pax deplanned. Needless to say, it was a good day.


So there you have it, you and I share a bit of sim history and didn't even know it. Welcome to Hangar 45!  As Ron said, you should make the trip over to Jacksonville to visit Ron's project and then up to Waycross another hour and visit mine. You're welcome, just give us a call.


(Posted by Justin Fletcher on 06-07-10)

It's nice to see Law Enforcement well represented here at the hangar! Eric I enjoyed reading your story! Flightline (now Millionaire) is the only FBO on the field at TLH. When were you out there? I worked the ramp from the summer of 2006 - Summer of 2008.


Ron & Eric, I will definitely be calling you guys to come check out your cockpits. Thanks for the invite! I'd love to see ya'll's work first hand. Jacksonville and Waycross, GA are easily day trips from Tallahassee.


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 06-07-10)

Hey thanks Justin. Let's see...I was there I believe in November of 2007 and 2008 I think. The second trip was when I had the pleasure of meeting the crew and visit the LJ45. The lineman was a black guy with dreads I think. Very nice, and made me very happy.


Anytime you are welcome to visit with Saturdays being the best time to come. You'd definitely want to visit both Ron and I as his sim has got an incredibly finished shell kit and several other components where as mine, although not fiber-glassed, is completely enclosed and is fully flyable with JET45 running, etc. so it would be well worth it to visit both on the same day if possible.

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