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Seat Belt / No Smoking Chime

(Original thread started on 04-11-13 by Ron Rollo)

The Seat Belt / No Smoking toggle on the lights panel. This is a snip from a Lear45 Pilot's Training manual:


"Control of the NO SMOKING / FASTEN SEAT BELT sign (in the cabin) is located on the Lights Control Panel in the cockpit. This switch is a three position switch labeled OFF, BELTS and NO SMOKING + BELTS."


I have been doing some test flying lately and revisiting some things that have had me stumped. One of those things is the dag gum SEAT BELT and NO SMOKING chime!


So here is where I am: I have researched and found that offset 3110 is the off set that is linked to Cabin Alerts. I knew this several months ago. But just today while digging a little deeper in the FSUIPC Offset Chooser within the InterfaceIT Management Control System, it looks like I have only one source to pull names or offsets. And that would be "Flight Simulator".


Does anyone have any experience with this?


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 04-11-13)

An offset to play a .wav file is all that is needed and it works like a charm. It's done all the time and is a piece of cake. The issue is having the right software in place to work via the interface card or taking advantage of anything already in the sim.


From Pete Dowson: "Okay. In FSX there are new controls for these:




So you could certainly program buttons vis FSUIPC to operate those. You should be able to find them in the drop-down lists for button or Keys assignment.  If you want to operate them via FSUIPC offsets you'd need to write the control number (listed in the "List of FS controls" document installed in your FSX Modules folder) to offset 3110."


Taken from


(Posted by Eric Williams on 04-11-13)

I just set mine up through InterFaceIT and let the default chime.wav file play via FSX when toggling the belts/nosmoke. The FP Lear or TSS soundpacks (can't remember which) doesn't have it so you have to copy it back into the sounds folder again.


In InterfaceIt:


Offeset 341C

Set/Clear bit depending on position (your switches are different than mine)

Bit 1 for set, 0 for clear


Belts the same but offset is 341D


My soundfile was gone like mentioned above (looks like the TSS soundpack removes it) So you simply add the lines below back into the aircraft directory sound.cfg








(Posted by Ron Rollo on 04-11-13)

Thank you Eric T. and Eric G. I finally got it working! I had to do everything that you suggested Eric G. Now I can move on to new stuff.


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 11-18-15)

So a few weeks ago Greg and I loaded up the TSS sound pack back onto my Server computer. I tried a few months ago and did not have much luck due to the compatibility issues with P3D and needing to use the Migration tool. Apparently I got something wrong during the first try.


The second time it went in perfectly, well with one exception. At the time I did not notice that the smoking and belt chimes were not working until later in the day. As usual, we did a lot of work on a lot of different areas including switching sound cards around, adding headphones, mics, tweaking the TSS and adjusting the engine sounds. So by the time I realized that a little chime associated with the belts and smoking toggle was not working, my mind was racing with what in the world could have caused this error.


Well today I had a few minutes to dedicate to the problem and ended up searching the web for help. What do you know? I found this thread that I started a few years ago! Thanks to Eric G and Eric T. for the help in getting my Cabin Alert chimes working AGAIN. This is a great example of the value of our forum archives.


On a side note, this was only 2.5 years ago. Should I remember trivial stuff like this or is it normal that I totally forgot all about it? I don't think I am loosing it. My excuse is there is a lot of stuff to learn and retain. This reminds me of those old salty dogs that would say,  "I've forgot about more stuff than you will ever know!"


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