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Roel's interfacing topic

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I have become quite a software engineer concerning developing with Airmanager.
I have allmost entirely switched to Airmanager as software for my sim.
Only the DU3 MFD isn't developed yet.

All code for PFD and EICAS (and RMU) are now adjusted to correct scaling of my tft screens.
Not all is perfect, every now and then i discover an error of something does not function as it should.
But i am happy so far.
Here is a video

Now i am thinking of switching to X-Plane.
X-plane has better interfacing then FSX/Prepar3d and even FS2020.
I still keep far from FS2020 for my sim, looks great but still features like multiple monitors and views are not available.
I don't think there is a Lear 45 for X-Plane, but a Lear 35 is available and the Lear 75 is in development for X-Plane 12!!

Is there anybody using X-Plane for their sim??

Hey Roel,

Beautiful work!  From what I see, it looks like everything is working as expected.  Engine spool up, page swapping, trim adjustment, etc...  Although I believe the ground color on the altitude tape should be the same color as the bottom half of the HSI gauge.  Easy to fix I am sure.  Very impressive being that it is all done with Airmanager.

Software engineering is something that I wish I had in me.  I would not even know where to start! LOL

I have managed to create a fully working MFD with Air Manager!  This took some brainpower, but with help from development of Sim Innovations and some other Air Manager users I pulled it off.

Sim Innovations even made a special bug fix update for the rotating map part.  It seemed to crash my MFD, but a fix was quickly deployed.  There still seems to be an issue which I have noticed but again a fix will be deployed this month.

I made a small video with the TCAS in operation, but all other features are also present.  Talking about AI, I discovered the Alpha India Group software, very good for AI traffic!!  Doesn't hardly cost any resources and many, MANY traffic schedules and airlines present.

Nice work Roel!  Sounds like the traffic in the TCAS never got far enough away to stop alerting you.

Do you have the majority of the different pages working yet on the MFD, or at least the basic framework of each of the pages?

Yes was a busy airspace 😉

Yes all pages work as they should be, exept the navigation and flightplans part
I need to build my CDU first , and create software for it .
But i think the software part isn't that difficult anymore, because i am able to place things like waypoint on a map now.
Another cool feature of the AirManager is it uses mapdata , i disable that on my MFD because it is supposed to be a black background, but i can easily use a chart instead of the black backgound.
Also this could be displayed on other instruments like a CDU, i believe this is available in a add-on Lear45 gauge.



Hey Roel,

I have a question for you reference your Arduino interfacing.  Do you wire the LEDs, as an example the green indicator LEDs on your FGC, using common cathode or common anode?

In other words, do you group the grounds together and use the positive legs on the LEDs as signal outputs to control the LEDs?  Or the other way around, group the positive legs of the LEDs and use the negative legs of the LEDs as the signal outputs?  Another way to ask is if you are controlling your LEDs using active high or active low?

I know either way is possible, I was curious as to which way you are controlling your LEDs via the Arduinos.

Thanks Roel!


Hi Ron

Yes I use common cathode, so switch to on when pins are set to high.  But , as you said, both ways are possible.

I did experiment with 7segment displays which I ordered wrong  with common anode, this also works fine.


Thanks Roel,

Jason and I are also developing the Jet45 software and interface modules to use common cathode with all LEDs, including the seven segment displays on the APU panel.  Additionally, all grounds to the switches encoders, pots, etc.. are also common.

This became a topic of discussion behind the scene when I sent out a CWP to one of our Hanagr45 members and he needed to reverse the LEDs to make them common anode to meet the requirements of his specific one of a kind build.

Other than your accidental use of common anode with the seven segment displays, it sounds like everything else in your build is common cathode.   Thanks for the info Roel!

Now i have coded the DU instruments i made them switch as it should.
Little video:

One thing i still was looking to get , was a working flightplan shown  on the MFD.
Airmanager still has no option to plot a flightplan, still on the wishlist for many users.
Seems to happen in the near future.
Still there are a few people who have managed to plot a plan.
But no resources available and neither are the guys ..:S

What is possible is , is a moving map which i use for showing nav data.
So i create a flightplan with littlenavmap , convert the saved file (xml) to json format and read that in the Airmanager.

Then read the file for nav data and only show those on the moving map.
Result is dots, squares and triangles which show a flightplan,  sort of.....

I use the P3D loaded flightplan (exported out of littlenavman) to navigate the plane.
Little demo:


It looks better then on video 😉

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