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Roel's interfacing topic

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Yes that was my idea, the less machines the better.
So far all is well.

Main reason actually was that this PC is a mini desktop where i can place the USB cards, my other was a small form factor PC.
One thing i did not knew was that alltough i have 5 displayports available on the AMD card i can only use 4 monitors ...
I use 4 monitors in the sim now (still have to create the FMS) but was thinking of using 1 for management of the Airmanager and mobiflight and so on.
So for now i do this remote with Anydesk.

Performance is ok, so far no issues.( beside the disconnections of USB)
Yesterday I tried the Airplayer from siminnovations, this is a lightweight Aimanager, but this is not ideal for using Arduino's.
This is great for only displaying instruments (even with a Rasberry Pi, and management is easier because you can do this from a remote management PC.



As some of you may have observed, I have not the room for a Lear Sim but am using the Lear AAS and Lear aircraft with one home built panel. The panel is attached to an Arduino Mega and Mobiflight. Both seem to work well. I am using the Perfect Flight Lear 45 for P3D V4.

The other panels are SAITEK using SPAD.NeXt. Have not tried to test the yet but the seem basic to any aircraft.

However, I am having some difficulty with the Jet45 AAS instruments - EFIS, PFD and MFD/EICAS.

I am running P3D V4.5 with Windows 10. I start Mobiflight first and have tried opening different combinations of AAS and P3D.

Roel, as you use all of these, which order do you use? I have shortcuts on my desktop and have been manually opening P3D and the instruments - EFIS, PFD, EICAS.

Mobiflight seems to interface with FSUIPC fine setting the correct offsets.

The AAS instruments are not reacting correctly. If I open them first, they don't necessarily connect to P3D V4.5. If open P3D first, I have to start engines before they can be viewed. The PFD is blank, the EICAS shows correctly and the EFIS sometimes shows up and sometimes not. If I close the instruments after I close the Sim, the next time they open, the size values in the ini is 0,0. Have to reclose them, and restore the ini to the correct size.

I have had occasions where the EFIS, PFD, EICAS all show Not Responding. Must select the Windows option to Close the Application for each instrument.

Can you help?


Hey Dave

i have wrote a startup script which first starts the WideFs client.
you do have this started right?

Then mobiflight and Airmanager starts and then the jet45 software.
I have no issues with connecting, after the prepar3d has started all do connect and instrument state are show  correct.

Is the issue the same when you start a different plane, 737 for instance?
seems an issue with the perfect flight lear?

Thanks Roel,

I am testing on a small form business PC in my office. Everything on this PC and opened manually.

If you are running everything with WideClient, you must be starting Flight Sim on your main PC (I read that you are building a new one) and starting WideClient on a client PC. I assume then Mobiflight, AirManager and the AAS instruments are loaded after the Sim.

I will take that cue.

I don't think it is the Perfect Flight aircraft as the Mobiflight activities are independent of the aircraft. They are all FSUIPC offsets for Jet45 AAS.

I just found a Lear 45 for P3D in a site from Brazil. Everything is in Portugese but the aircraft files (panel, .air, .cfg, etc are all FSX/P3D. I am very familiar and the instruments - panels are XML. I am also very familar.

My email is I would prefer to use AirManager but want to see how to use it before I put out 65 Euros. Could you email the files you use for the Ardrinos and the file that defines the PFD you created so I can see AirManager in context.

I am familiar with MobiFlight now but have difficulty following AirManager's tutorials in creating new instruments.




It shouldn't matter much when you start the sim; after this things should connect.
It is true, creating instruments with AirManager does take some studying, but it is not that difficult especially if you have some coding skills , like you!

I will mail you some scripts

Thanks Roel,

You mentioned your EICAS images had elongated. Did you change monitors without changing the panel/instrument monitor definition.

I've been studying the API.


Well the aspect ratio should be ok.
I started to create instruments without checking if i could scale it right to my monitors….
This was not the case, or  not perfect.

so i have to adjust this in my coding …. Quite a job..

It seemed my recently configured Dell XPS PC has issues with my received 7 ports USB cards.
Since other PC's have no issues with them and there are no more updates available for (older) model Dell XPS, i bought another PC (second hand) where i could place 2 of the USB 7 port cards.

It is an HP Prodesk 400.
In this PC the USB cards work ok!
Also the videocard (which is also older) has no issues.

I connected most Arduino's directly to this PC now.
So far no issues with disconnects!!!


So 14 extra USB ports !
Below is the video card with 5 Mini Display Port connectors.

Uploaded files:
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This is good news Roel.  I like the idea of having several USB ports within one PC and if they all work even better! LOL

Last I counted we have 23 developed and planned Arduino modules, not counting for other things like external speaker power, etc....  So on one hand, we would need to have at least two computers with two seven port USB cards to try to cover everything.  On the other hand, we would like to one day make all this work on just one PC.

If it ever is a viable option, (a one PC setup), we always have powered USB hubs as back up.  Then it is just a matter of finding the right combination of what makes everything happy.  Awesome news Roel!

Yes i still have one powered usb hub in my pedestral and i am not finished creating all avionics.
So my Arduino number still grows.

I picked this PC because there are 3 PC-Express x1 slots available.
So  i can even add one more USB card !
But the native USB ports are also still available so for now ,as long as i have no more usb issues i am fine 🙂


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