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Let me introduce myself...

Hello fellow Simmers,

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Bryant, and I'm from the state of Maryland, Columbia to be precise.  I've always had this passion as a kid to fly a plane one day, but because of other things happening in my life growing up, it took me to another path.  I remember my first flight simulator, Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. Who would have ever thought we would be this far advanced in flight simming.

I would like to give a shout out to Ron, who has been very actionable in helping me with the project so far. Although I have a long way to go, I'm very exited and optimistic in bringing this project to completion.   I've gotten all my furniture thanks to Ron, and even some of the hardware (i.e Panels, switches, etc...).  Ron is working on sending me the Bezels RMUs and DUs.  I'll keep you guys informed on the progress, and try to get some more pics as I go along!


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Hi Bryant,

Let me be the first to officially welcome you to the hangar and to the club!  I am really looking forward to seeing your project unfold and materialize.  Thank you for the shout out too!  I am here to help in any way I can for you and any of the guys that share the same passion and dreams as I do.

Keep us posted on your project and when you feel you are ready to start your build thread, just create a new thread in the "Projects and Media" page.  You are also getting ready to get into the phase of you project where you have a ton of questions.  These Hangar forums are going to be the key to your success.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for, try to find the appropriate thread and ask there.  Myself and the other guys are more than happy to help.

Again, welcome to the Hangar Bryant!

G'day Bryant,

Yes the Hangars' tentacles reach to the other side of the earth and 'Down Under' !

So great to hear that you have joined up and have really gotten on with the building process. I can tell you that I started out in 2011 and the building never ends. Funnily enough you don't want it to end as that is the fun stuff. At night when it is quiet with no one to annoy you with music on and a coffee ( or beer) and you are soldering it is just a magical time that you will yearn for again.

I made a pact with myself at the start to always make sure that I am flying as I am building. That way you never lose sight of why you are building a Learjet in the first place. Do not forget that the software is as important as the hardware and constantly needs your attention if you are flying as well. Might as well chip away at that at the same time.

Also being one of the few non North Americans, I get to try out 'stuff' from a southern hemisphere point of view. Jason's magnificent Jet45 and the FMS software, the heart of the sim gets a workout from me in the places not often tested by other members. Any advice I can give goes straight to Jason to be considered in future releases.

You have chosen a hobby that can be a part of your soul. It is as important to me as say music is. The trick though is to get into more building when the time is right and to have a break when you are not as enthusiastic. If you pace yourself you'll last.

With 'my' version of the Lear I have people queuing up to have a fly. Those that are lucky are absolutely blown away that a mere mortal can own such a magnificent hobby. That can also be you. I can tell you Bryant that choosing the Lear was the right decision. I am qualified to tell you that, when you get flying, you will land and takeoff at thousands more runways than if you followed the sheep and built a 737. My favourite places to fly are Alaska ( thanks to Ron ) and Papua New Guinea. There are very few runways you can land a 737 in those places.

Enjoy your build. Us guys who are more advanced that you are always here to help. You just have to ask either here or over on our Facebook page and we'll get back to you.

Cheers and keep the updates coming. We all want to follow how you are progressing.


Mark Speechley

Hi Bryant

Welcome to the family!

Good to see another member joining us. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions and remember to enjoy the journey of your build and be proud of it... as we all are!


Hi Bryant,

Sorry for the delay in welcoming you to the Hangar.  I've been backpacking in the mountains and away from the computer.   Glad to see you join us here at the Hangar.  Don't hesitate to ask questions . . we have all been where you are at now.  Most likely someone here can answer about any question you may have about the build.  If you are on Facebook make sure to join the Facebook Hangar site.   Once again, welcome to the Hangar and really excited to see another build start!  We encourage you to share updates and photos of your build as you progress . . .  we like seeing the progress and it encourages all of our builders to keep pushing toward a completed Lear 45 sim . . . if there is such a thing!




Let me know if you need anything "Learjet". I have been flying Lears for the past 7 years and currently captain a 45XR.


Kind regards,

Dugald Boyd

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Hi Dugald,

Glad to have you here in the hangar and great looking photos!  We are right in the middle of improving the modeling of the Display Unit Reversion system, like in your second photo where only the EICAS on DU2 is up and working.

I will start a dedicated thread in the Lear Discussion forum where myself and other Hangar45 members can ask questions regarding the Lear45 and how it operates.  Then you can  answer from an expert point of view which would help our cause considerably!

We may also have some request for photos with tape measurements.  There are still a few things that have us guessing at what is happening in the Lear45 cockpit.  For the most part we have the Lear45 modeled very close but we are right in the middle of redesigning the Lear45 to get measurements and angles even closer.

The new dedicated thread will be called "A Lear45XR Expert Point of View" where we can document our questions and answers.  We would love to have your help on this and any technical or operational insight from you!  Thank you for offering your assistance to us!

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