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Lear45 in FS2020 Troubleshooting


On August 18th 2020 the highly anticipated FS2020 was released!  As of this date, it has been a bit of a bumpy ride but if you are able to see past it's short term imperfections, it is clear this is the Flight Simulator of the future.  Find more information about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 HERE

If you are a member of the Hangar45 community, it is safe to say that you have noticed there is not a default Lear45 among the short list of aircraft to choose from.  (Additionally, there has never been a third party Lear45 developed for either FSX or P3D.)  But that okay, we would expect the developers of the new FS2020 to concentrate initially on a small number of aircraft to get things kicked off.  With that said, even if they had a default Lear45 XR as an option, it would most likely have short falls just like the other default aircraft.

Thankfully MSFS has created an import tool that enables us to import our favorite FSX/P3D aircrafts into the new FS2020 which is still a work in progress with no less than 13 updates and the last being on December 9th 2020.  Take a look at the update log for a long list of fixes and features added:

  •   FSX to MSFS2020 PlaneImporter V. click HERE


If you have had a high degree of success importing your FSX/P3D Lear45 model over into FS2020, please share your findings and results in this thread.  To date, it appears that importing the FSX/P3D Lear45 into FS2020 is very achievable!  Take a look at these two screen shoots!


However, there are several issues that we have identified and have not found viable solutions for yet.  This thread is going to serve two purposes, first, to identify import issues and second, to document solutions to those issues.

Here is our short list so far:

  • Able to import aircraft visual model which does include the VC. Instruments do not load
  • Autopilot does not appear to be working (may be because of instrument issue above)
  • Lights are not placed correctly on the aircraft and need to be relocated to the model
  • Engine does not go below 50% N1 at Idle
  • Spoilers don’t extend fully
  • Aircraft requires nearly full trim nose down to fly level


If you have found and identified any issues and or discovered solutions for any issues previously posted, please document your findings here.  Also, please keep your identified issues and solutions specific to the Lear45 aircraft so that we can better streamline this thread!  Hopefully with everyone working on these issues we will have a viable Lear45 FS2020 model in no time flat!

Merry Christmas by the way!

Merry Christmas, Ron

I remember reading somewhere, can't remember where, that vc models are contained in a model folder, not in the individual aircraft object file. Also, if the autopilot gauge is not .xml, it may not convert.

I discovered the camera option in the latest FS2020 build called "Home Cockpit Mode"
It does not do anything...yet..
But this is promissing about Asobo developing an outside view option!!

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