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Jet45 V2 Coming Soon!

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It's been quite a while since the last Jet45 update.  Well we have been working on the next big release of Jet45 which has been envisioned to relieve one of the most frustrating parts of simulator building.

Jet45 V2 is now compatible with Arduino controllers which enables an extremely low cost and high performance interface for the Leat45 panels to the software.  This paradigm shift  means that users can either build their own Arduino interfaces boards from freely available plans, or get them here on the hanger and wire their panels directly to the boards. Each Jet45 main software module (RMU, DU, EFIS, and FGC) will be driven completely from the low cost Arduino modules to provide immediate interfacing with no user configurations or coding needed.  This enables us to tightly control software and hardware performance and ensures a consistent experience.

Jet45 AAS V2 will include the following new features:

  • Arduino Plug and Play ready for all buttons, switches, lights, and encoder interfaces for DUs, RMUs, EFIS, Crew Warning Panel, FGC, and reversion panels
  •  New FGC software module which adds realistic speed hold (with pitch), ASEL, V/HNAV with FMS
  • Fast encoder response for all panels through the Arduino interfaces
  • More complete indications on the DUs for FMS flight plan data

Also in the works is Jet45 Systems.  The Jet45 Systems module will handle simulation for driving the lower MIP and center pedestal panels through dedicated Arduino interfaces.  This includes an improved simulation of hydraulics, electrical systems, AML21 indicators, and APU simulation.

Jet45 V2 will be offered at a discount to existing customers during the initial launch period and Jet45 Systems will be a stand alone product.  I will also be working on a video tutorial series as part of the launch.

All for now!

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Ron RolloJamie
Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

This is great!!!  I have been holding off buying jet45 because of the new interface system with v2. Will the FMS be set up as plug and play to? It is interfaceable  with a leonardo, but it is tricky for newbies like me to code! For someone like Roel who seems to have mastered arduinos it probably isnt that difficult.

Hi Jamie.

Yes, the FMS will also be plug and play like all the other Jet45 AAS modules.  As a matter of fact it was one of the first modules created using the powerful, yet affordable Arduino interface.  You can read more about our early development on the FMS Arduino module HERE

The times of configuring, FSUIPC offsets, playing with bites and bits will soon be behind us!  A big thanks to Jason Hite for developing these modules so that they will be as easy as plugging in an "out of the box" joystick.  They will just work.  There will be some requirements, to name a few, you would have to be running P3D or FSX and you would have to have a licensed version of the new Jet45 AAS v2.0

More on system requirements soon!

Hi Ron,

Does one have to purchase V2 if one owns V1?

If not, where does one find it?  And what is Jet45's current website?  My link no longer works and the link on the Hangar45 Product page does not work.

Thanks, Dave Simmons



Hey Dave,

I fixed the issue with the broken links.  Thanks for pointing that out.  Also, on the left side of this page there are several suggested sites including Flight Deck Soft's website.  You can click on the FDS AAS banner for a quick jump over to the website.

As Jason stated in his post above:

Jet45 V2 will be offered at a discount to existing customers during the initial launch period and Jet45 Systems will be a stand alone product. I will also be working on a video tutorial series as part of the launch.

Think of it like the way you would think of the new MSFS 2020 coming out in a week.  Both MSFS 2020 and Flight Deck Soft's Jet45 AAS are all new products that have been redesigned from the ground up.

I have been working hand in hand with Jason on the development of the new Jet45 AAS v2.0 for the past 18 months if not longer.  I can tell you that the new version of Jet45 is going to be incredible!  The really cool thing about it is how everything is now modular with the use of Arduino cards.  It will be 100 times easier for folks to interface to their sims and that by itself is worth the cost especially for the new builders.

We are hoping to be able to release the Jet45 AAS package no later than the end of this year.  We will keep you posted on that news.

Ron said it all.  We are making steady progress on the plug-and-play Arduino interfaces and systems simulation drivers for the MIP and pedestal panels.  Jet45V2 will be a stand-alone package and not backward compatible with v1.  What I mean by that is you should only purchase and use V2 if you plan on replacing your current interface cards (Pokeys, FDS Sys) or any others with our Arduino modules.

V2 will have very limited reliance on FSUIPC to pass Jet45 data between the individual modules. This was done to reduce latency and issues with button performance.  Instead, Jet45 V2 will communicate directly between modules using the Ethernet network between the computers. Additionally, the Arduino modules communicate directly with the software and don't rely on the MSFS/P3D even being open to work.

Some of the benefits of V2 are:

Complete plug-and-play for all panels in the Lear45 with only the serial port to configure

Greatly improved button and encoder performance in the whole cockpit

Correct indications for all panels based on accurate systems simulations (where able)

Better tech support (since we own the interfaces we can better troubleshoot issues)

Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

Hi all, wanted to show you a notional architecture for Jet45 V2. This is my particular setup that I have been using to develop and test.  This layout will spread the load over the 3 MIP PCs (you may have fewer PCs).  You can move the FGC and FMS to any of your other PCs but both of those Jet45 modules take quite a bit of processing to run smoothly.

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Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft


FSUIPC7 and WIDEFS7 were released last week and I am happy to announce that Jet45 V2 works great with the new MSFS 2020 simulator!  While I had to fly with the Citation Jet, most functions of Jet45 were functional, including the new Arduino modules that we are working on for V2.  Due to the addition of many more offsets for aircraft systems, I will need to customize the software for 2020 to get maximum functionality.

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Jason Hite FlightDeckSoft

Outstanding news Jason!  We are all looking forward to getting our hands on the new software!

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That is great news Jason! Glad to hear JET45 will live on into the new MSFS!

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