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Interior Trim Panel Tutorial


It has been a while since I have been able to update this important thread after almost five years!  I do not have any new updates when it comes to the progress of my own Interior Trim Panels, but I did want to share with everyone the new information now available in the Builder Resources page!  Look for the Interior Trim Panels tab.

A big thanks to Shane Barnes for taking the lead on the Lear45 Interior Trim Panels several years back!  Shane was able to obtain real interior trim panels from a salvaged Lear45 aircraft and took the time to document those parts for our use here in the Hangar.

I was able to take that information provided by Shane and convert it into a DXF drawing of the lower trim panels and Kick Plate Panels.  We also have several photos available in the Zip File that better document the lower trim panels, upper trim panels and the Glareshield Cover!  So if you are at a point in your build that you want to proceed forward, this information will help give you confidence that you are on the right track!

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the measurements in the DXF file will require some adjustments to fit your individual Lear45 cockpit project.  Use this drawing as a guide to build your own custom trim panels.

Go to the Builders Resources page to find the Interior Trim Panels tab!


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