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Greetings from Colorado! (Randy Buchanan)

(Original thread started on 04-06-10 by Randy Buchanan)

Hello out there.  My name is Randy Buchanan and I live and work in Westminster Colorado. I am a flight instructor and I am currently working on my instrument certificate. Most of my flight time is in Cessna 172 and Bonnaza. I use my desk top sim to practice for tests.  I thought I was crazy thinking about building a simulator. Now it looks like I now have a bunch of crazy friends to help with this project. My wife thinks I nuts. Have you ever heard that? Anyway I am also here to help.


A question I have is about seats and say guide rails. How or who has ideas? Looking forward to this fun adventure.



(Posted by Shane Barnes on 04-06-10)

Hi Randy, Welcome to the Hangar. A lot of information here about the Lear and as it is an ongoing project, there are no "finished versions" completed. The majority of the flight deck ie. main instrument panel, throttle quadrant pedestal, center pedestal, shell kit, rudder pedals, etc have been finished with drawings available, other areas such as the seats are a work in progress.


Ron has done some work on the seats and completed a temporary set to use until we have a solution to the seats. All of us have taken different approaches to building the Lear, some have started with the shell first, others with the interior components so we all are at different stages of the build.


If you do not have a way to "fly" until you get your Lear built, you would probably want to start with the interior components, get that up to the point you can fly and then work on the shell. I was fortunate that I had a generic enclosed sim that I am flying . . so I started with the shell first then moved onto the interior.


Information will be posted in the forum as more progress is made on seats. So hang around, and decide what area you want to start on first with your build, this will keep you occupied for awhile while other components such as seats are worked out.


If you have any questions, just ask. Take a little time and read through the forum and this will give you a good idea of what is involved with a build. Also if you are considering Ron's shell kit, download his assembly manual and read thru it for some really good info on its design and construction.


The main thing to keep in mind, take your time with the build and have fun. You'll be in good company with a bunch of nuts here at the Hangar, we understand each other if no one else does.


Again, welcome to the hangar!

Shane Barnes!


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 04-06-10)

Hey Randy, Welcome to the hangar!  Yes, for those of us who are married, we hear it all the time, but our wives secretly think we are smart! Ha!  I mean the truth is we have to bribe them with new shoes every once in a while!


I built a set of temporary seats a few months ago. I won't be tackling the real ones for a while. The information is limited on the seats to date I am afraid.  Again, welcome to the hangar Randy!


(Posted by Randy Buchanan on 04-06-10)

Hey Shane, Thanks for the input. I may start working on seats myself and provide some help then. If I can find one then we will all have one. I can do some drawings or work on a prototype. And yes I do get to "fly" I have a four screen desk top with CH yoke and saitek peddles and Logitech 5.1 sound. I get scared at night in a thunder storm IFR, but adding a cockpit would add to that I think.


Hey Ron, Looks like we talk here too. Thank for the input. Maybe I can bring some help if there isn't something easy like all the neat stuff you have provided.

Talk to you later,



(Posted by Randy Buchanan on 10-20-16)

Hey Guys, I thought it was really nice to somehow bump me with this current thread. I could use a bump. Here in the near future I hope to do some real work here on the site. I want to show my build as an inspiration to all who are building or would like to. I have not lost interest, on the contrary I have so many wonderful interests that it is a matter of time. Something we all try to find enough of. Some of you a a lot better at using it than I. We shall see.

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