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Greetings from EDDH Germany! (Jan-Hendrik)

(Original thread started on 05-20-16 by Jan-Hendrik)

Hi Guys, my name is Jan-Hendrik, I live close to the EDDH Rwy 05 threshold and I am into Flight simming since the days of FS4, always wanted to build a cockpit since being a kid. After tinkering with Simkits and a GA approach which I never really succeeded in building and an intermediate IKEA approach a cupboard with a couple monitors and Saitek Gear I have decided to push a little forward and build a generic Learjet based cockpit in my basement after having read so many inspiring things here in the forums. I have for my cupboard solution some opencockpits stuff (CDU and MCP) and I use so far the PMRJ Software. In the meantime I have gotten the Plans for the Cockpit Shell from Ron and I am looking for a way to realize this with my limited space.


Many thanks for all the inspiration from the projects here and I am very amazed about this great community of highly dedicated builders here.


Jan- Hendrik


(Posted by Ron Rollo on 05-20-16)

Hi Jan, so glad to hear that you are moving forward with the Lear build. I have always said that where there is a will, there is a way. With this hobby, we need a certain amount of space, time, money, skills, tools and understanding from our wives! It can also become a balancing act. If you start off too hot and fast you will end up burning out. To slow and you will end up loosing interest or never finishing it.


Passion, drive and ambition are also key factors with this type of build. Man, I hope this project isn't asking to much of us!  In any case, we are happy to have you here and looking forward to helping you out where we can. There is no shortage of desire to help each other here! Welcome aboard Jan!


(Posted by Shane Barnes on 05-20-16)

Welcome to the Hangar Jan, be sure to post some photos of your build. We really enjoy seeing the progress each builder is making and it helps to keep the other builders motivated as well! Not sure what space you have available but I was limited on space as well. I won't be able to have a surround visual system with projectors but instead will use three large screen TV's for my outside visuals. This left me with enough room for Ron's full size shell.


A lot of information is available by reading thru the posts from other builders so as you have time take a look and if you have any questions just ask.  We are all here to help one another!


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 05-22-16)

Welcome to the club Jan! Let us know how we can help. I offer full scale LJ45 instrument panels (as well as Ron). Shane offers some invaluable parts too.

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