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Dymo Label Maker

Hey guys,

Here is a neat little tool that most of you should have by now and if you don't, you need to get one.  A label maker!

Back in the day if you remember, we all had the little label maker that you had to squeeze really hard to impress the letters or numbers on the plastic tape.  I guess you can say it worked, but it was the bare minimums.  And the replacement tapes were fairly expensive.

These days there are several brands of digital label makers, battery operated with the ability to print many different sizes and countless extra symbols.  The tapes are as much as 23 feet long!  We even have the ability to print on several different colors of tape.

I chose the Dymo label maker that you can pick up at any major department store like Wal Mart or Target.  They are also available on Amazon for around $48 as of this posting date.  See info HERE

This model of the Dymo label maker has turned out to be super sturdy, reliable and so far, it has not skipped a beat.  I have not had to change out the batteries either.

Here are a couple examples of labels I have made with this amazing little tool.

Where the labels become critical is in properly marking the wiring harnesses.

This is a great tool and a must have in your "toolbox" of gadgets and actually fun to use.  If you happen to screw up the size, spelling or spacing, just fix it and print again!

One quick tip, you do not need to buy OEM Dymo tape.  There are several after market options out there where you can save up to 50% or more on tape.  An example HERE

I agree, one of these is very useful.

Add a variety of clear heat shrink tube sizes to imitate the print on heat shrink common in real avionics workshops.

Before fitting end hardware to the wires wrap the label longways around the wire ensuring the text is visible, slip on a clear heat shrink and shrink it.  Much tougher than a side wrap and looks good!

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