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Correcting Fuel Qty in Lear45 .cfg File

(Original thread started on 01-06-12 by Shane Barnes)

Eric T. and I were discussing several differences in the real 45 and FS 45 several days ago. One of these differences was the maximum amount of fuel that FS allows in the 45 versus real world. We found that the center tank (real world) will hold approximately 404 gallons. FS has the max at 359 gallons. The wing tanks (real world) will hold approximately 250 gallons each for a total of 500 gallons. FS has the max at 268.5 gallons each.


I went into the Lear 45 aircraft cfg file and changed the values to real world. I did a test flight and I did not notice any difference in the flight behavior. After updating the values I noted that when adding fuel it will only allow 404 gallons center tank and 250 gallons in each wing tank as it should.


Here is the default Lear45 cfg for fuel:  (Changes are BOLD)



Center1 = -41.4, 0.0, -1.5, 359.0, 0.0

LeftMain = -36.3, -10.0, -1.5, 268.5, 0.0

RightMain = -36.3, 10.0, -1.5, 268.5, 0.0 fuel_type = 2 //Fuel type: 1 = Avgas, 2 = JetA

number_of_tank_selectors = 1



And here is the updated cfg file:  (Changes are in BOLD)


Center1 = -41.4, 0.0, -1.5, 404.0, 0.0

LeftMain = -36.3, -10.0, -1.5, 250.0, 0.0

RightMain = -36.3, 10.0, -1.5, 250.0, 0.0 fuel_type = 2 //Fuel type: 1 = Avgas, 2 = JetA

number_of_tank_selectors = 1



These changes will add 8 available gallons of fuel to the aircraft and bring it inline with the real world Lear. This is for all of you purist. You know who you are!


Now that we are getting around to the point of learning /using the operating systems and how to implement them (Eric T. is working hard on this area right now) I think we will see other little areas of the flight model that may need to be fine tuned.


It is a really neat time period in our builds. We have hardware that is coming online and getting very close to utilizing some of the systems that are not available in the default Lear. This is where JET45 is really going to shine. I purchased JET45 almost two years ago knowing that I would not be able to use it for quite some time, but I wanted Jason to know that I supported his software and appreciated the fact that he was giving us a much more in depth Lear cockpit. Looks like we will have several builders bringing flightdecks online in 2012 and it will be really great seeing all the hard work pay off.


If you utilize JET45 or you are planning on using it don't forget to drop a "thank you" to Jason. Jason is a member here at the hangar just to let any of our newer members know and his software has really added to the Lear simulation, actually it is the heart of the sim and without it we would be default! Jason stays behind the scenes much of the time but he is a very valued and talented member here at the Hangar. A BIG thanks to Jason for taking the time to add his software to the flight sim community!


(Posted by Eric Tomlin on 01-07-12)

Thank you Shane for this post. Very helpful and I just didn't have time to bring it up and actually forgot to fool with it anymore! Also, please do remember that all of this stuff we do to bring this aircraft to life (whether it be Shane digging into offsets, features, etc. or Jason creating JET45 to folks like Mark, Vince, Ron and myself making great hardware) takes hours, weeks, months, and sometimes years to really accomplish our dreams. It's always a great idea to pass along thanks to those that work so hard to make it happen.


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